Patiala Babes 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Ashok gets taxi for Babita and Minnie. They get into cab. Minnie writes on paper asking if Babita has money. Babita says she gave it to mechanic as she did no longer need Ashok’s prefer. Minnie asks now not to worry they’ll withdraw money from location ATM. Hanuman and Laala wait outdoor residence and discuss when will Babita and Minnie return. Nayeem bi walks to them and asks Hanuman to take her to medical institution quickly. Hanuman says she seems first-class. Hanuman says she seems first-class. She says she is first-rate, however her tailor fell and broke his leg, so she wishes to move and meet him. Hanuman gets her on his motorbike. At Ashok’s residence, Biji prepares panchamruth prasad says the following day she will be able to get honey from her buddy’s house and blend it in prasad. Meeta gives her honey. Biji says she does no longer want her assist and dare now not try to act as Babita. Meeta says she is Meeta and what is her mistake if she loves her son, if she has any problem, she need to ask her son to kick her out. Dadaji says Meeta will put together prasad and do pooja the following day.

Minnie and Babita reach home in taxi. Kartar and Pammi giggle that those women have become so wealthy to are available in taxi. driving force asks cash. Minnie rushes to ATM to get money, returns and tells Babita that ATM does no longer have cash now. Babita asks to name Hanuman or Nayeem bi. Minnie tests and returns announcing they both aren’t at home. driving force insists to give him money quickly and he can not wait. Khatri walks to him and asks what’s the problem. motive force says they don’t have cash, however wants to trip taxi. Khatri says he will pay as it’s miles his locality. Minnie warns to stay away. Khatri says they could solve their differences later and will pay driver. Minnie yells and walks in with Babita. Khatri yells they don’t deserve absolutely everyone’s help and don’t respect who help them.

Babita walks in and cries that they don’t have any money left, what will they do ow. Hanuman returns and asks why did they come so late. Minnie yells where become he. He says he went to help Nayeem bi. She shouts he allows complete global but isn’t always to be had after they want his assist extra. He asks what befell, why is she shouting. She walks away yelling. He shows to control her anger. Minnie then walks to Babita. Babita says she did a massive mistake bby not accepting alimony due to her boastful choice, now they need to suffer without money. Minnie says some thing, their condition could had been better, but they can not trade whatever passed off already and stop blaming herself. She reminds of their promise that they have to no longer regret something court’s selection is and will no longer look back at any cost. She cheers up Babita together with her active chat and says she can pass and withdraw cash from ATM within the morning and throw it on Khatri’s face. She continues that this court docket case gave them new innings and changed their life for correct. Babita smiles and hugs her.

Precap: Minnie informs Babita that she were given an interview name at 1 p.m. Babita gets worried.

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