Patiala Babes 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nayeem Bi/NB scolds woman to prevent ingesting shamelessly and why did she lie that she is a reporter. lady says she isn’t reporter, she is Babita’s pleasant pal Poonam. Minnie asks if she is Babita’s formative years buddy. Poonam says yes and asks who’s she. Minnie says she is Babita’s daughter Minnie and takes her domestic wherein Babita and she or he reminisce faculty reminiscences. Poonam says she is luckily married now with 2 children. Babita says she has not modified at all. Poonam says even she has not changed, she is still identical shy Babita; asks if she stays in HS’ haveli, he regarded flirty type. Minnie thinks HS is gone now. Babita receives irritated hearing that. Minnie explains entire story and cries that HS is a great man. Poonam asks her to relax. On the alternative side, NB asks HS to neglect his anger and marry Babita. HS says he’s happy the manner he is and has determined already. Poonam hears Babita’s love story and asks if she loves HS, then why don’t she forget his sour phrases and reaccept his love. Babita says he didn’t even apologize. Babita asks if she desires him to fall on her ft, she is aware of how Babita is and must take a selection as lifestyles doesn’t provide a second danger for all of us. Minnie hears their communique.

Biji gets money from cute and Sukhi and informs Dadaji that she can pay NB’s rent and a few extra cash as grocery charges. Dadaji says she is proper, they may be indebted with NB’s favors. NB enters, and Biji offers her money. NB says she is not so cunning to take money for meals, god will not forgive her if she does that. Biji asks how will they clear her debts. NB says time will come and there shouldn’t be any money concerned among dating, most effective dearness and affection can be exchanged.

Minnie stands in balcony reminiscing Poonam’s words. Poonam asks if she is thinking about Babita and HS. Minnie says HS is a good man and he or she needs Babes to start a new existence with him now not due to the fact every body accepted but due to the fact they love and respect each other. Poonam says Babita is hesitant because of her duties and Minnie is her responsibility, so she desires to address situation carefully. Minnie says Babes must have knowledgeable that HS had Imarti in his life before Babes. Poonam says even Babita had Ashok in her lifestyles, however HS forgot her past and universal Babita. Minnie says there was no love between her parents. Poonam says as a minimum a few love became there, so Minnie got here inside the international. Babita should receive HS along with his past; their beyond will stay with them all the time, one can’t escape from past however ought to experience it in gift, Babita has hope of better future. Minnie asks in which turned into she all nowadays, if she had come before, she wouldn’t have treated situations alone. Poonam says she can call her any time for assist. Babita hears their verbal exchange and sits on bed reminiscing Poonam and Minnie’s verbal exchange, HS’ bitter phrases, etc..

next morning, HS prepares tea in his kichen whilst Babita loudly needs happy Republic Day to him. He turns and says it is satisfied Independence Day. Minnie needs satisfied swatantrata divas. HS offers her tea. Laala enters and says he is past due as all his cousin sisters took time to tie rakhi on his wrist. Minnie ties rakhi to HS and asks nek. HS gives her one thousand rs and asks if she will no longer tie rakhi to all of us else. She says she has Pinku mama’s son, however they’re now not in speaking terms, Babes loves his bother a lot and misses him even though. Kammo with other Patiala Babes personnel enters and ties rakhi to HS and Laala. Minnie then meets Mickey and Preet and their chat maintains. Minnie sees Preet sad and asks cause. Mickey says Bobby has gone out and has no longer returned yet, she is unhappy due to that.

Babita misses Pinku whilst preparing food. Minnie walks to her and requests to call him as he also ought to be eagerly waiting to listen her, as a minimum the feeling of now not attempting once will no longer be there. Babitga calls Pinku and hears ring at home. Minnie excitedly rushes to balcony and receives satisfied seeing Pinku. Babita additionally gets happy hearing that. Minnie hugs Pinku and his spouse. Babita walks to her brother who touches her toes emotionally. She asks how is he. He nods yes. Minnie says she notion he forgot them and wouldn’t come. Pinku’s spouse says he is fasting seeing that morning as he doesn’t have meals before Babita ties him rakhi, he turned into feeling guilty for breaking up together with his sister and desired to meet her, but could not; HS came and knowledgeable how plenty she is keen to satisfy her brother, so that they got here here strolling to meet her. Babita with teary eyes appears at HS.

Precap: HS tells Minnie that she doesn’t want tenant but owner in his residence, ask her mother if she can marry him. Minnie and Babita get emotional hearing that.


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