Patiala Babes 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sardar Singh acclaims nourishment taste and asks HS till when he will remain alone, he ought to remarry as lady’s essence makes house vivacious. HS says he has NB and Laala and even Sardar Singh will visit him regularly. Sardar Singh says he will come back to his town in 11 a.m. train. Minnie inquires as to whether he won’t document body of evidence against HS. Sardar Singh says he will initially go to court and reclaim case and afterward will go his town; he gives shagun cash to Minnie. Minnie falters. HS sign to acknowledge it. She acknowledges it and says bye naanu, fare thee well. HS drops him till entryway, and he says he saw the manner in which Minnie’s mom comprehends Imarti, so in the event that he ought to send HS’ proposition to her. HS says no requirement for that, he is cheerful the manner in which he is. Minnie then enables HS to wear his uniform and requests that he demonstration like old HS. He talks in his old style. She says that resembles her HS uncle, she inquires as to whether he can live without Babita’s help. HS says he realizes how to oversee alone.

NB, Kammo and other staff individuals from Babita think that its hard to oversee without Babita. Kammo gets a call that columnist needs to take Babita’s meeting. She apprehensively advises NB and says they have to get ready uncommon dishes before correspondent comes and even ought to gets somebody to talk in English. NB calls Minnie and clarifying entire circumstance looks for her assistance. Minnie comes to there enthusiastically and attempts to enable them to get ready dishes. Khatri enters and insults them they are attempting to get ready dishes seeing cook book and resemble neem hakim khatra-e-jaan. NB cautions him to not aggravate them. Minnie gets Mickey’s call and discloses to him that she is occupied and can’t meet him and Preet.

Preet and Mickey appreciate frozen yogurt at territory’s dessert parlor when a woman escapes vehicle, strolls to parlor and tastes various flavors before requesting one. The two of them understand she should be the journalist and race to advise Minnie. Minnie frenzies figuring in what capacity will she make plans in such a limited ability to focus. HS with Lala strolls in straightaway and inquires as to whether they need any assistance as he is free for 2 hours. Minnie says as of now they are strained as correspondent is coming to take Babes’ meeting and she isn’t here, so she needs some an opportunity to make courses of action. HS inquires as to whether he should keep columnist occupied with his appeal until she makes courses of action. Minnie says that is a smart thought and demands him. He anxiously says he was simply kidding. She persuades him with enthusiastic extortion. HS strolls to journalists and plays with her. She understands he is being a tease and stands up to him. He acknowledges. She invests energy with him while Minnie gets ready Patiala Babes’ mark dishes. HS takes here there. Everybody welcome her and Minnie demands to have dishes. Correspondent says she simply needs to meet Babita, however gives dishes a shot HS’ request. NB gets a call again and she offers it to Kammo. Kammo acts stunned and educates that meeting is dropped. She strolls to columnist and inquires as to whether she didn’t come to take meet. She asks what meet.

Precap: HS reveals to NB that he got associated with Minnie does not mean he ought to interface with her mom. Babita discloses to NB that she has discovered another rental convenience.


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