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Lovely addresses Babita as Bhabi and says they want vivid coloured uniforms. Babita says sure. Trilok seems at her. Lovely says she supposed Meeta Bhabhi. Meeta says blue manner loyal and might be ideal colour for uniform. Babita says sorry.. Meeta says blue and silver will make a nice opposition. Babita says there is a hassle in silver. Trilok scolds she cannot oppose patron. Meeta insists to tell why silver and blue might no longer pass well. Meeta says silver will look top in iciness, however in summer, it’ll mirror on eyes. Trilok says Meeta is from London and is aware of what’s higher. Babita says Meeta does now not recognize Patiala’s summer warmth. Trilok scolds that everybody does now not wander under solar like them. Meeta asks what’s going to suit with blue then. Babita says white, blue and white might be calm and cooling combination. Meeta says it’s miles final then. Trilok says she will be able to pick out her very own colorations and may reject Babita’s choice. Meeta insists and says Babita can layout uniforms and she or he will pay her more for that. Babita says she does not want that. Trilok says he’s going to upload 15000 rs extra and will ship invoice to her. Meeta is of the same opinion. Trilok walks away and Babita follows him. Dadaji walks in from outdoor and stands amused seeing Babita there. Babita touches his feet and walks away.

Minnie tells Hanuman that she met university’s sports coach who promised to get her a seat below sports activities quota if she wins karate competition. Hanuman says she is karate champion and taught Khatri and others a nice lesson. Minnie says she has lost her contact and has not practiced in some time, so if he can help her in exercise. Hanuman consents.

Babita returns to her factory. workers complain that Trilok has not paid them competition bonus but and that they want it badly to have a good time pageant with their own family. Trilok returns with blue and white garments and asks Babita to hurry up and along with her group end uniforms inside 2 days. workers stand silently. He asks in the event that they need to go on strike again. Babita says they want pageant bonus. Trilok yells enterprise is incurring losses and he can’t pay them bonus. Babita says it’s far their proper and she promised them. Trilok shouts she should pay them bonus then. Babita says he can distribute Meeta’s promised 15000 rs uniform layout amount among people. He says she is worker and any more paintings amount will cross in organization’s income. Babita says she is manager and now not clothier. Trilok says he took her to client. Babita says he can take his commission and distribute final amount amongst people. Trilok angrily leaves. workers have a good time and thank Babita.

Ashok returns domestic and listening to Meeta’s selection to get uniform for drivers and even pay designing quantity shouts that she can’t take choice without his consent and he’ll no longer pay for it. Meeta says it was important to remain in competitive enterprise. Ashok angrily leaves yelling. Meeta asks Biji if she did incorrect, she noticed how Trilok was misbehaving with Babita. Biji says she did right.

Babita encourages employees no longer to stop operating as Trilok may also sack them like Satnam and describing them Dadaji’s moral gyaan says as soon as her sasurji explained her Japenese paintings tradition that if workers have an criticism, they work more to make owner feel responsible and pay them nicely. She is going out for some work. Dadaji enters requesting Babita. Munna asks who is he. Dadaji says he is Babita’s sasur. people greet him in, contact his feet, offer beverages and describe what Babita instructed approximately him. He receives inspired and asks in the event that they believe Babita so much. Babit returns and seeing him touches his feet. He says she have to be indignant on him for accepting Meeta, but he did not have some other desire. He keeps explaining his ordeal.

Precap Upcoming Patiala Babes episode update: Babita sees Meeta busy with Hanuman now not paying her attention and complains Nayeem Bi.


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