Patiala Babes 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Biji gets cash from Lovely and Sukhi and educates Dadaji that she will pay NB’s lease and some more cash as staple costs. Dadaji says she is correct, they are obligated with NB’s favors. NB enters, and Biji gives her cash. NB says she isn’t so tricky to take cash for nourishment, god won’t excuse her in the event that she does that. Biji asks by what method will they clear her obligations. NB says opportunity will come and there shouldn’t be any cash required between relationship, just dearness and fondness can be traded.

Minnie remains in overhang thinking back Poonam’s words. Poonam inquires as to whether she is pondering Babita and HS. Minnie says HS is a decent man and she needs Babes to begin another existence with him not on the grounds that everybody affirmed but rather in light of the fact that they adore and regard one another. Poonam says Babita is reluctant because of her obligations and Minnie is her duty, so she needs to deal with circumstance cautiously. Minnie says Babes probably educated that HS had Imarti in his life before Babes. Poonam says even Babita had Ashok in her life, yet HS overlooked her past and acknowledged Babita. Minnie says there was no affection between her folks. Poonam says probably some affection was there, so Minnie came on the planet. Babita ought to acknowledge HS with his past; their past will remain with them perpetually, one can’t escape from past however ought to appreciate it in present, Babita has any expectation of better future. Minnie asks where was she all nowadays, on the off chance that she had preceded, she wouldn’t have dealt with circumstances alone. Poonam says she can call her whenever for assistance. Babita hears their discussion and sits on bed thinking back Poonam and Minnie’s discussion, HS’ harsh words, and so forth..

Next morning, HS gets ready tea in his kichen when Babita uproariously wishes Happy Republic Day to him. He turns and says it is Happy Independence Day. Minnie wishes glad swatantrata divas. HS offers her tea. Laala enters and says he is late as the entirety of his cousin sisters set aside effort to tie rakhi on his wrist. Minnie attaches rakhi to HS and asks nek. HS gives her 1000 rs and inquires as to whether she won’t attach rakhi to any other individual. She says she has Pinku mother’s child, however they are not in talking terms, Babes cherishes his trouble a great deal and misses him however. Kammo with other Patiala Babes representatives enters and binds rakhi to HS and Laala. Minnie then meets Mickey and Preet and their talk proceeds. Minnie sees Preet dismal and asks reason. Mickey says Bobby has gone out and has not returned at this point, she is miserable therefore.

Babita misses Pinku while getting ready sustenance. Minnie strolls to her and solicitations to call him as he additionally should be enthusiastically holding on to hear her, at any rate the sentiment of not attempting once won’t be there. Babitga calls Pinku and hears ring at home. Minnie enthusiastically hurries to overhang and gets cheerful seeing Pinku. Babita likewise gets upbeat hearing that. Minnie embraces Pinku and his significant other. Babita strolls to her sibling who contacts her feet inwardly. She asks how is he. He gestures yes. Minnie says she thought he overlooked them and wouldn’t come. Pinku’s better half says he is fasting since morning as he doesn’t have sustenance before Babita ties him rakhi, he was feeling regretful for saying a final farewell to his sister and needed to meet her, however proved unable; HS came and educated the amount she is anxious to meet her sibling, so they came here hurrying to meet her. Babita with weepy eyes takes a gander at HS.

Precap: HS discloses to Minnie that she needn’t bother with inhabitant yet proprietor in his home, inquire as to whether she will wed him. Minnie and Babita get passionate hearing that.


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