Patiala Babes 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Babita sees HS vents out his displeasure asking Laala to appropriate mangoes in area. HS demands and says he will eat all mangoes. Laala says his will get stomach upset and solicits not to discipline himself in light of the fact that from Minnie’s trouble making. HS says Minnie talked presumptuously and she ought to be educated habits. Babita strolls down and picking mango inquires as to for what reason is he having mangoes alone. She applauds mangoes. HS says he brought mangoes for her, yet Minnie spoilt his state of mind.

Babita says confronted numerous issues today and portrays them. HS inquires as to whether such a great amount of occurred in a solitary day. Babita says anything can occur and it is a recognition; for what reason didn’t he chide Minnie immediately when she got rowdy with him. He says he is an exacting man and would have admonished cruelly. Babita leaves saying he can as he has directly on Minnie. HS asks what did she say. Laala says she talked a ton in only a couple of words. Minnie lays down with Biji. Biji inquires as to whether she isn’t getting rest, it is clear as she never dozed far from Babita. HS strolls in and asks Minnie to return home as his mom is concerned for her. Minnie inquires as to for what reason should she.

Biji says let her stay here today around evening time. HS demands her not to meddle and says he is severe and dislikes kids acting mischievously with seniors, they ought to spoil kids and furthermore right their mix-ups. Dadaji says HS is correct. HS says he will tally till 3 and Minnie should return home with him. He begins tallying. Minnie proceeds with he can’t organization her. HS tallies 1..2. NB says even she can’t keep Minnie in her home without Babita’s consent. Minnie furiously gets up and leaves with HS. Biji asks Dadaji who offered appropriate to HS to chasten Minnie. Dadaji says in the event that Babita thinks HS is doing well, at that point they ought not meddle.

Minnie returns home and contends with HS once more. HS likewise begins contending and cautions that he won’t endure anybody disrupting his home’s guidelines, here they regard seniors and love youths and if adolescents get rowdy, older folks chasten them. Minnie inquires as to whether that is the situation, they will empty his home and discover another leased convenience. Babita just says Minnie.. HS inquires as to whether Babita additionally has same choice, the two of them can examine and educate him toward the beginning of the day. When he leaves, Babita asks Minnie what’s happening with she and for what valid reason is she outrage. Minnie contends even with her and attempts to substantiate herself right. Babita at last cautions not act like her mom and force her choices on her, she is the mother and sole chief, she won’t clear HS’ house at any expense.

Laala goes to purchase jaggery for HS and seeing Dadaji and Biji continuing morning walk visits with them, he says HS adores Minnie like his little girl and admonishes her like one, he is stressed for her. Biji says he is correct. When he leaves, Dadaji asks what is going in her brain. She says he won’t get it. At home, Babita strolls to HS and solicitations not to feel terrible for Minnie’s rowdiness as she is a child and apologizes for Minnie’s benefit, says what he did is correct and she needs to expand house rent and she would not joke about this. HS listens quietly. Minnie awakens and sees she is late for school, asks Babita for what good reason did not she wake her up. Babita says she thought she is heading off to college late as she didn’t wake up even after numerous alerts, after all she is an adult young lady now and can take her very own choice. Minnie asks where is her morning meal. Babita says she is occupied and asks her take bread and jam from refrigerator as she is adult and can deal with herself. Minnie irately leaves. Babita discloses to NB that she is getting severe to address Minnie. NB says whatever she is doing is correct and quiets her down.

Precap: HS goes up against Minnie explanation behind her indignation. She says disregard her. He cautions not to answer in English. Minnie plays HS’ voice recording where he admits he cherishes Babita.


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