Patiala Babes 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie informs Mickey, Preet, Bobby that she wishes their assist to find new rented lodging. Bobby says the whole thing is going properly and HS is so cool, then why she desires to exchange house. Mickey says he is aware of why she is doing this. Minnie asks if he’ll assist her or not. Mickey says no as she is inaccurate. Minnie says he boasted to be her buddy. Preet says it is waste to explain Minnie and walks away. Bobby says he’ll assist her and asks her requirement. She says she wishes 1-2 bedroom residence wherein house proprietor does now not stay. Bobby says he will discover soon. Mickey attempts to speak, but Minnie leaves.

Biji prepares laddoos. Dadaji asks if she organized it for him and tries to select one. She stops him and says it’s far for HS as Laala advised HS likes laddoos and if he eats laddoos, his mood will be cool and he’ll not scold Minnie. Dadaji laughs and says she has long gone antique. Biji asks him to move and supply it to HS. He asks why should he. She says she will be able to ask Laala then and leaves.

Babita and NB are busy cooking of their shop whilst Kammo rushes in short of breath and asks Babita if she is changing her residence. Babita asks who instructed her. She says Khatri informed that Bobby changed into looking 1-2 room residence for two women, so it ought to be for Babita and Minnie. Babita sees Minnie passing by in her scootie and calls her, but Minnie ignores her. Babita asks NB and Kammo to take care of keep and walks into home and asks Minnie why she is looking residence. Minnie says she can’t live right here. Babita says she is mom and most effective she will take important choices, who gave daughter to take decisions. Minnie starts offevolved arguing. HS walks and tells Minnie that he will not scold her from hereon and he or she can do something she desires. Khatri walks in and in his regular traumatic style asks Minnie why she did not come to him in place of going to different brokers, he has his barsati/terrace empty and Minnie can live there and allow HS and Babita in privacy. HS holds Khatri’s collar and warns to throw him in lockup if he sick speaks. Khatri says he is just speaking fact and signs Ek Daal me tota bole ek daal me maina…music.. and walks far from there. HS tells Babita that he’ll talk to Minnie.

HS walks to Minnie and gives her Biji’s talented laddoos announcing it’s far for her and no longer to disrespect Biji’s love. Minnie pushes it saying she does no longer want to have eat whatever, and laddoos collapse. HS confronts her and asks cause for her anger. Minnie asks if he honestly desires to realize and performs his recording where he confesses his love for Babita. She asks how can she consider Babes like this, what if Babes had heard it, she did no longer inform Babes yet about his low thinking; he changed into her hero and in advance she idea all guys are like her father, but after meeting HS, her belief changed and she thought maybe she is wrong, why did he do this; if Babes will find out, she will be able to shatter and suppose she trusted him so much and he bad eyed on her; now HS must determine if they should stay on this residence or now not. She keeps pouring her heart out. HS requests to concentrate to him as soon as, however she says she doesn’t need to and it is higher they go away his house. HS walks away shattered.

Babita waits for HS nervously. Laala assures her that HS will cope with state of affairs nicely. HS walks down wiping his tears. Babita asks what did Minnie say. HS with amazing hard says simply.. They hear Minnie crying loudly, run to her room, and notice Minnie writhing in belly ache. HS asks Laala to discover if health practitioner is in hospital. He calls her daughter and asks Babita to get water for her. Babita brings water, which Minnie throws away unable to keep it. NB, Dadaji, and Biji additionally stroll in and ask if she ate some thing incorrect. Laala brings taxi. HS lifts Minnie and runs with Babita to taxi, drops Minnie in taxi, asks Laala to load his debit card and bring it to clinic, gets into taxi with Babita and leaves.

Biji insists Dadaji to take her to health center. Dadaji says NB and Laala also might have gone there, there’s HS to attend to Minnie and Babita, they are antique and should now not problem them. Biji stands crying. Dadaji asks her to agree with Babita as she is Minnie’s mom. Biji says HS isn’t always Minnie’s father and not blood associated, so he may not cope with her like biological father does. Dadaji asks her to get into her senses and notice HS takes care of Babita like a father as relationships are constructed via feelings and no longer blood.

HS with Babita takes Minnie to clinic and rushes her on stretcher to statement room, trying to calm her down. Nurse asks them to face out and take Minnie into commentary room. HS meets Dr. Mansukhani. medical doctor gets into room and treats Minnie. Babita stands crying, retaining HS’ shoulder. HS holds her hand searching into observation room via glass door and assures Babita. Babita stands crying keeping a wall even as HS stands nervously.

Precap: Receptionist insists HS to name Minnie’s father to signal consent form. HS asks if they may no longer deal with Minnie with out father, he is her father.


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