Patiala Babes 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie sits sadly after Babita and HS’ bidayi. Mickey sits next to her. Minnie says Babes’ bidayi is completed, her mother went away from her. She writes in her diary that she could not write since long as she was busy in her mother’s wedding; she felt a lot during these days, heard many unheard words, spoke many unspoken words, to be honest many thoughts are racing in her mind; HS says Babes is having manthan/storm in her mind and poison will come out of her, it is good as she will feel good, but what about the people on whom poison falls on, things will change and already have changed. She reminisces Babita and Lovely’s words, writes she knows Kammo talks rubbish, but what about Babes’ words, was it the poison she hid in her for years. She again reminisces

Kammo’s bitter words and Babita’s words that she hates her past relationships and thinks if she reminds Babes papaj’s memories and how to change it; she further reminisces Babita telling Minnie is her asset and Ashok maybe very bad he gave her Minnie. She writes that she is thinking too much and after all this happened, she should be positive. She wipes her tears and goes to bed.
Babita reminisces what happened tonight and changes her bridal clothes. HS walks in and says she did good by changing her dress, shows his mother’s sindhoor box and says his mother used to fill it always. Babita aggressively says she wants to tell him one thing, Minnie is everything for her and their relationship doesn’t have any meaning without Minnie. HS says she is right, they are a family, she is mother, he is father. Babita says he should remember that, else he will not get her completely; he agreed to marry him seeing his dearness for Minnie and if she doesn’t see it further, then she….She is going to Minnie, Minnie did so much for this wedding and was so happy, but now…Minnie is not habituated to sleep without her and is tensed, so she will go to her. HS nods yes and stands holding his mother’s sindhoor box. Babita walks away from there to Minnie’s room and seeing her sleeping sits next to her and then falls asleep next to her.

In the morning, Minnie wakes up and sees Babita sleeping next to her. She walks out and sees HS sleeping on his usual open cot in lawn. Laala comes and wakes up HS saying they need to attend duty from today. HS asks what is the time now. Laala asks why is he sleeping on cot instead of room. HS asks him to get him tea soon. Laala asks where is Babita, if he will not have Babita’s prepared tea. HS says she must be somewhere here. Babita walks out calling Minnie. Laala greets him and asks if she will prepare tea. Babita asks if he brought milk and asks Minnie what would she like to have for breakfast. HS looks at Minnie while Laala looks at them both. Minnie gets ready for college and walks towards her scooty when Laals to her and says he doesn’t know how to say this.. Minnie asks to speak without hesitation. Laala says HS and Babita are married now and they need to start their own life, Minnie should concentrate on her studies and enjoy with her friends as HS and Babita don’t need her anymore. Minnie says of course she knows and he need not worry, she will leave now as she is getting late for college. Laala walks away.

HS walks to Babita and asks if she spoke to Minnie. Babita busy preparing food asks to pass on spices. HS repeats if she spoke to Minnie. Babita asks about what. HS says she told Minnie is tensed, so she went to spoke to her last night. Babita says Minnie had slept when she went to her, so she couldn’t speak. HS says she told Minnie will not sleep without her, when she had sleep already then why didn’t she return to him. Babita doesn’t reply anything.

Precap: Babita calls Minnie repeatedly, but she does not reply. Minnie is with Biji who asks why is she here till late night. Babita walks towards door and when HS asks reason says she is going to bring Minnie from Preet’s house. HS says he will go and bring her.


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