Patiala Babes 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Babita apprehensively stammers and inquires as to whether radio station comes in Chandigarh. RJ says indeed, he comprehended and plays Ay ajnabi tu bhi kabhi… tune.. NB records all Babita’s discussion on her portable and messages HS to switch on FM radio. After tune closes, Babita anxiously hangs tight for HS’ answer, yet another person demand their melodies and program closes. Babita gets pitiful and picks HS’ kurta from her organizer. NB enters and asks what is she doing with HS’ kurta. Babita says she was keeping it in cabinet. NB says with no relationship, a woman should avoid man’s possessions. Babita asks when did she come. NB says thirty minutes prior and what was she doing with radio. Babita stands apprehensive.

NB says Laala will rest down the stairs till HS returns and he has delegated constable outside, even she has requested security watchman to be ready entire night. Minnie with her companions plans for involved with know Babita’s affections for HS. Biji and Dadaji come back from sanctuary and give them prasad. Dadaji sees Bobby for what reason is he holding heart formed inflatables. Bobby gets apprehensive. Minnie reminds their school venture and handles circumstance. Biji says she will lay down with Minnie and Babita today around evening time. Dadaji says Laala is resting there and even NB needs to rest. Minnie additionally howmany individuals will rest in their home. Biji says she will. Minnie and her companion plan for involved with know Babita’s response.

Minnie with NB strolls to Babita and demands for a gathering to praise her prosperity. Babita denies. NB backs Minnie and says alongside Minnie’s companions, Biji, Dadaji, Kammo, Pammi, and Laala ought to likewise be welcomed. Kammo and Pammi attempt their gems at Khatri’s home. Khatri meddles and insults them. Their nok jhok begins. They advise they are going for a gathering in which he isn’t welcomed. Khatri demands to tell whose gathering and supposes he isn’t regarded any longer.

Minnie’s gathering begins. NB applauds Biji’s readied laddoos. Babita says she took in a ton from Biji and she is her mom. Minnie ask Biji for what good reason didn’t she wear a decent dress. Biji says it is her preferred dress. Minnie insults in the event that she had worn a pleasant dress, Dadaji would have welcomed her for earthenware once more. Babita asks what did they say. Minnie says it is grandmother and granddaughter’s mystery. Minnie’s companions enter. Bobby says he will sing a melody for his first love, pointing at Minnie. Minnie gets apprehensive. Bobby says Sunny Paji and sings Jab Hum Jawaan Honge… tune.. envisioning hitting the dance floor with Minnie. Everybody get aggravated hearing his dry voice. Minnie acclaims his singing and declares that Dadaji will sing for Biji. Empower perk up Dadaji. Dadaji sings Bhangra tune and eveyrone hit the dance floor with him while Babita looks tragic. Minnie sees that and discloses to Laala something. Laala says now Babita will sing. Babita denies and chastens Minnie that she realizes she can’t sing. Minnie says she needs to know.

Precap: Babita genuinely discloses to NB that HS is a pleasant man and he won’t get anything for adoring her.


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