Patiala Babes 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Patiala Babes 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Patiala Babes full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Dadaji meets Hanuman and says he cannot help Babita and Minnie financially and is helpless seeing them suffering. Hanuman says if he had punished his son Ashok, he would not have seen this day. Dadaji cries further that when Ashok was born, he and Shammi were very happy getting a male child and pampered him so much and agreed to all his illegal demands, they failed to teach him morales.

Hanuman says his father was a big drunkard and used to beat his mother daily and never respected her, she passed away when he was very young and even his father passed away, he did not have anyone to teach morales, his wife taught him morales. Dadaji continues crying.

Minnie sells her scooty on mechanic’s insistence. He gives 2000 rs advance and says she will get more once scooty is sold. She says she wants to spend some time with her scooty and reminisces her dadaji gifting it to her, Babita riding pillion, giving her petrol money, etc.. Mechanic asks her to go now and she leaves crying. At home, Nayeem bi insists Babita to take loan from her. Babita agrees. Minnie returns home and gives 2000 rs saying she got it from bank. Babita says there was less money. Minnie nervously says even she thought 1500 rs, but they had 2000 rs. She silently walks to her room. Babita tells Nayeem bi that Minnie is lying and she can sense from her nervousness.

Pooja starts at Ashok’s house. Biji signals Meeta to get prasad. She walks into kitchen. Neighbors badmouth that Meeta is staying at Ashok’s house without marrying him, even family has accepted her. Lovely hears that and tells Shukhi that they should get Meeta married to Ashok soon, but papaji will not agree. Ashok walks behind Meeta and asks if papaji signed mortgage papers. She says they can talk about it later. He insists and hands over papers to dadaji. Dadaji walks into kitchen followed by Biji. He says Ashok wants to mortgage this house. Biji requests not to sign papers as Ashok may kick them also out and even Sukhi and Lovely. Dadaji says they cannot take Sukhi and Lovely’s responsibility anymore. Meeta enters and insists not to sign papers, but Dadaji asks who is she to order him. She says if he would ask Babita and Minnie same.

Babita thinks how did Minnie get 2000 rs, how can she lie. She hears Hanuman and Laala’s conversation where Laala says he parked his cycle in Minnie’s scooty’s place as Minnie did not park scooty there.

Precap: Patiala Babes 22 February 2019 Written Update Dress supplier tells Hanuman that his employee has gone on leave. Babita hears that and asks if she can take up the job.


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