Patiala Babes 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie applies multiple colorations on Babita says it is for her courage, brigher future, and so forth. She then wishes happy holi and fortuitously throws holi in air. Aayore Sakhi…song..performs inside the background and that they both run round throwing holi on each other. Hanuman with Laala throws holi on them from balcony. In locality, Khatri performs holi with Katar’s wife Madhu. Kittu walks in with Khatri’s wife Kammo and asks if uncle is so much drunk below bhang effect that he is gambling holi with different women. Kammo scolds Madhu and sends her away. Khatri flirts with her next and she or he walks away angrily. Minnie tells Babita that whole locality is playing holi, allow us to additionally play holi. Babita says mishievous boys are wandering outdoor, she will now not let Minnie exit. Preet whispers in Minnie’s

ears that Kitto would come to satisfy her, how will she if they don’t exit. Minnie insists Babita and says she used to play holi in their old vicinity. Babita says she had Dadaji there to shield her, here she cannot take risk. Laala hears their conversation and says he’ll take girls out and could now not allow anybody round them. Babita agrees.
Minnie informs Laala that Preet wants to meet her discern’s decided on NRI boy Kittu as he has pop out. Laala says that is without a doubt correct and he’s going to guard them. Minnie gives a listing for Preet to invite Kittu. Bobby joins them. They wait out of doors avenue’s ice cream parlor. Kittu comes. Preet sits shyingly. Minnie says Preet has questions for him and asks why he wants to marry Preet, if he will take her to Canada after marriage, will he pressure her to serve his circle of relatives like a slave, will he give her identical fame and respect, will he let her entire her research, get engaged first and marry after her gradution. Kittu says he did no longer like conditions, however will agree for all of them, if she continues his mother glad, he will love her and protect her from all of us, they can get engaged now and marry after her commencement, now if she desires to marry him and ought to he meet her dad and mom. Preet shyingly nods sure. Minnie alerts to say no. Preet continues nodding yes. Kittu walks away smiling. Minnie scolds Preet that she fell for Kittu along with his romantic words, she is so innocent.

Hanuman tells Babita that if everybody misbehaves with girls, regulation will by no means spare them, she have to slap them or report FIR, he will deal with evil mongers. Nayeem Bi says Hanuman is right, she have to now not be afraid and play holi freely. Hanuman says if she needs her future era to play holi freely, she ought to take a first step. Babita has the same opinion and walks out of residence with him and Nayeem Bi. Minnie receives happy seeing her. She applies holi on Minnie and walks on road making use of holi on all ladies. Khatri sees her and walks in the direction of her smirking. He says she carried out holi to entire world however no longer Khatri, will she now. Hanuman and Minnie get irritated considering the fact that.

Precap: Babita and Minnie play holi and dance on roads. Laala asks Hanuman that Babita did no longer observe holi on Khatri as he is bad man, why did now not she observe holi on Hanuman.


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