Patiala Babes 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Hanuman walks into Ashok’s lockup. Ashok shouts he knows Hanuman desires to take revenge from him and could even use his ex-spouse and daughter. Constable warns to behave with their advanced. Hanuman asks constable to carry water for Ashok and says h e isn’t afraid off his allegations and asks to give an explanation for his tale in detail. On the other side, lovely calls Babita and briefs about situation at home, papaji and Sukhi going to satisfy commissioner and Biji drowsing on sofa involved for Ashok while not having meals. Biji takes phone and asks Babita to convince Hanuman to squash drug peddling case on Ashok and lie that he did now not discover pills in Ashok’s taxies. Babita says Hanuman told he cannot do some thing as case is transferred to narcotics department now. Biji keeps yelling that she additionally desires to take revenge from Ashok for disowning her and Minnie. Babita tries to provide an explanation for, but Biji continues alleging Babita.

Babita walks down and sees Minnie dancing on a loud song angrily. She stops Minnie and asks why she is playing loud song, it will ruin her ears. Minnie says she has placed on weight, so she is exercise. Babita asks if she is tensed regarding Ashok’s arrest. Minnie says why need to she, she does not even hold Ashok’s surname now, she isn’t always associated with him now. Babita walks to her room involved. Minnie continues dancing and venting out her anger and frustration imaginging seeing Ashok in handcuffs.

Dadaji with Sukhi returns domestic and listening to Biji’s phrases shouts she should not have sought Babita’s help, why will Babita help when she disengaged herself and Minnie from them and did no longer let Minnie even use their surname. He continues that commissioner advised that he can’t help in narcotics case and advised to hire a attorney to defend Ashok’s case. Lolvey says they need lots of money for that and asks Mita to are searching for her parent’s assist. Mita says she can not. Sukhi says even he has a 7-8000 rs left. lovely says she gave 2.5 lakhs to Babita and might searching for her assist.

Hanuman returns home. Babita asks if he thinks Ashok is a wrongdoer. Hanuman says he thinks Ashok is framed wrongly. Babita says Minnie may be very affected seeing her father in prison. Hanuman walks to Minnie and consoles her. She cries on his shoulder. Babita feels shattered considering the fact that.

next morning, Dadaji with Sukhi gets geared up to satisfy attorney. Sukhi says lawyer told he can get Ashok’s bail for 50,000 rs. Dadaji and Sukhi gather money and ask Mita if she will be able to lend some money. Mita says no. lovable yells let it be as Mita just acts as loving Ashok, but absolutely does now not, she does now not even need to borrow cash from her mother and father. Mita says she does no longer need her dad and mom to know that Ashok is caught in drug peddling case. adorable continues yelling and says if Babita was there, she might have assist at any value. Mita confronts her no longer to evaluate her on this stressful state of affairs, if Babita would have got Ashok bail, she would have just influenced Hanuman might she would not. Sukhi asks them to stop fighting, hears door bell and opens it. Babita walks in and offers 2,25,000 rs to lovable says she used 25000 rs and does now not want stocks in Ashok’s commercial enterprise, she feels they want this money, so she is returning. Sukhi asks how will she survive her new business. Babita says her daughter taught her to continue to exist without relationship and elder’s advantages, she has cash left from last profits. Mita claps and begins yelling and blaming Babita that she continually supported her against Ashok, however today she feels Ashok is right and she or he is inaccurate, Ashok told Babita is a massive actor; if she honestly cares for Ashok, she must have prompted Hanuman to rectangular off case. Babita says her opinion concerning Mita become right, she turned into performing and remains shameless female, anways she does not want to answer her. Mita asks she does now not have any answer. Babita says she does not care about Ashok, she returned money as she is a mother which Mita isn’t always.

Precap: A college pupil insists Minnie to get tablets from her father. whole university watches drama.


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