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Mickey takes Minnie to frozen yogurt parlor and requests that her have dessert and chill off. Minnie exhaust that she would have executed Manmeet for claiming his dad as street pharmacist. Mickey says she despises her dad and evacuated his surname on one side and she gets furious when somebody sasses about her dad. Minnie says she won’t excuse her dad what she did with Babes. Mickey proceeds with his analysis and quiets her down. Babita strolls in seething. Minnie acquaints her with Mickey. Babita hauls her home cautioning not to meander after school.

Nayeem bi attempts to meddle, however Babita hauls her up and reproves for what reason did she battle in school and why she is wandering with Mickey. Minnie says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what Manmeet did, even she would have destroyed him on the off chance that she was in her place. Babita says great Preet called also, clarified entire circumstance and how characterless Mickey is. Minnie yells Preet herself meanders with Kittu entire day and she is character killing Mickey. Babita says Preet is locked in to Kittu and can do anything, yet Minnie can’t meet Mickey. Minnie yells Mickey was her solitary companion and now she can’t meet even him now. Nayeem bi asks Babita to clarify Minnie smoothly. Babita strolls into room hollering. Nayeem bi attempts to quiet down Minnie, however she proceeds. Nayeem bi strolls behind Babita. Babita cries that prior everybody used to get apprehensive seeing Ashok backing, presently everybody will straightforwardly reprimand; if Rano gets some answers concerning Minnie and Mickey’s companionship, she will make a major issue out of it.

Hanuman returns home and gets some information about Minnie. Babita says she isn’t talking once more. Hanuman asks what happened now. She clarifies circumstance and inquires as to whether she is correct. Hanuman says he would not like to meddle among mother and little girl after Babita asserted her as youngster grabber last time, yet observing the circumstance, he needs to state that the two of them live respectively as mates and at whatever point Babita faces a predicament, Minnie urges her to battle the circumstance and proceed, even Babita ought to likewise urge Minnie to feel free to battle the circumstance, at that point she will perceive how great Minnie with succeed.

Ashok returns home in the wake of getting safeguard, and Biji does his aarti. Dadaji reprimands him. Ashok censures Hanuman for asserting him wrongly. Mita says his visually impaired trust towards colleague Mr. Wadia ought to be accused, he ought not have concurred without legitimate ID confirmation. Ashok yells she generally discovers issue in him. She says she is telling truth. Ashok keeps yelling. Dadaji says he acts adolescently dependably and when will he grow up. Flawless meddles and insults Mita t cap she didn’t trust Ashok and looked for assistance from her folks, so Babita needed to help them fiscally. Ashok keeps shouting at Mita once more.

Minnie returns home in the wake of gathering Nayeem bi. Hanuman occupied with getting ready nourishment seeing her and requests to taste her daal. Minnie says she isn’t intrigued. He offers her daal and requests to taste it in any event. She tastes and says not awful. Hanuman inquires as to whether she needs cash to state great, generally amazing. Minnie says she is giving straight to the point supposition. Hanuman includes ghee in daal and requests to taste now. Minnie tastes and says great. He gives daal bowl for Babita and asks Minnie to give her mom a chance to taste and rate it. Minnie says she has some work.

Hanuman demands and sends her with daal. Babita grins taking a gander at her and Minnie’s photograph. Minnie strolls in and says Hanuman uncle sent her daal to taste and rate it. Babita asks where she had gone. Minnie says she didn’t meet any kid and was in Nayeem bi’s home. Babita inquires as to for what reason is she talking inconsiderately. Minnie says then by what method should she talk.

Precap Upcoming Patiala Babes Episode Update: Babita reveals to Nayeem bi that she needs advance severely. Nayeem bi says she got a major police division contract and ought not falter to take advance from others. Khatri hears that and says he will contribute.


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