Patiala Babes 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Laala confronts HS for talking impolite to Babita. HS says he just said he does now not need breakfast and asks Laala to get lower back to his preceding obligation and put together tea for him from the next day. He says he ought to not had been too dependent on Babita and Minnie as tenants exchange residence and depart them alone, anything happens his and Laala’s friendship must no longer wreck for all time. Laala says by no means. HS asks him to find a new rented accommodation for Minnie and her mom. Minnie shows her anger on Preet and Mickey and says the whole lot changed into great and that they ruined it, if Mickey ditches Preet, preet will cry that Mickey changed into now not a right desire, then she can need to take her youth buddy’s aspect. Preet says it’s miles waste to give an explanation for Minnie now and walks away with Bobby. Mickey confronts her why she is so against love, she ought to permit others take their very own decisions as she cannot manipulate everyone’s emotions, now not even her mother’s, what if Babita also has emotions for HS like he has for her. Minnie says she can’t. He asks how can she say that. Minnie says Babes is very harmless and can not determine something herself, else she wouldn’t have waited for papaji for 17 years; she will usually guide Babes to take right choices and prevent her from taking wrong decisions.

Babita at the same time as cooking in her save informs NB about HS’ anger and impolite behavior. NB smiles. Babita asks why is she smiling on her. NB says she is smiling at the scenario, earlier she never cared aboout her son HS and now she is involved for him, maybe HS is tensed concerning his work. Babita says may be. NB says constantly HS supported her and consoled her, now it’s far her time to console him. Babita returns domestic at night time and weaves H initial on a kerchief to present it to HS. A romantic song performs inside the background. Doorbell rings. Minnie asks Babita to open door as HS have to have come. Babita nervously rushes to open door protecting kerchief. HS walks in and commencing his cabinet fumes that Laala does no longer know a way to set up his cabinet, he is not locating his night dress. Babita says it’s far in lower rack and gives it to him. She then indicates H inscribed kerchief. HS says it isn’t his. She says she heard him telling Laala that he does no longer have kerchiefs, so she bought it for him. HS gets emotional for the reason that, but reminisces promising Minnie that he’s going to make a situation where Babita herself will leave this residence. He asks her not to make him depending on her as she is a tenant and could exchange her house, but he as owner may be caught here helpless. Babita angrily walks away pronouncing she will no longer problem him hereon.

Babita returns to Minnie fuming in anger. Minnie tells she is thinking of apologizing and reconciling with HS. Babita says they may not problem HS from hereon and will exchange their domestic, they may no longer use his favors. Minnie reminisces Mickey’s words that Babita also feels for HS and asks Babita why she is harm with HS’ words. Babita says she isn’t always and why need to she. next morning, Minnie walks to HS. HS greets precise morning and asks if she is best. She says no and asks what did he say Babes. He says some thing she desired is occurring, then she must be happy. Minnie hugs him and cries loudly apologizing him. He wipes her tear. She says she is sorry for hurting him and Babes and could he forgive her. He says he already told her that he isn’t indignant on her, but is worried seeing her anger. He gets emotional discussing his mom’s tale that his father used to physically and mentally abuse his mom and continually felt terrible due to the fact that, he wanted to get his mom out of this torture and couldn’t, however Minnie did it with her braveness and saved her mother and he is happy with her.

Precap: HS says one wishes emotional aid in existence, Minnie asks if Babes desires his assist. He says Babita has to decide whether he is her assist or a person else.


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