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Babita walks in fuming. Minnie introduces her to Mickey. Babita drags her domestic warning now not to roam after college. Nayeem bi attempts to intervene, however Babita drags her up and scolds why did she combat in university and why she is roaming with Mickey. Minnie says she does not know what Manmeet did, even she would have trashed him if she turned into in her location. Babita says true Preet called and defined whole state of affairs and the way characterless Mickey is.

Minnie shouts Preet herself roams with Kittu whole day and she is man or woman assassinating Mickey. Babita says Preet is engaged to Kittu and might do whatever, however Minnie can not meet Mickey. Minnie shouts Mickey become her simplest friend and now she cannot meet even him now. Nayeem bi asks Babita to provide an explanation for Minnie flippantly. Babita walks into room yelling. Nayeem bi tries to chill out Minnie, but she maintains.

Nayeem bi walks behind Babita. Babita cries that in advance every person used to get afraid seeing Ashok backing, now all people will overtly criticize; if Rano unearths out about Minnie and Mickey’s friendship, she can create a massive difficulty out of it.

Hanuman returns domestic and asks Babita about Minnie. Babita says she is not speakme again. Hanuman asks what came about now. She explains scenario and asks if she is right. Hanuman says he did now not want to interfere among mom and daughter after Babita alleged her as toddler grabber ultimate time, but seeing the situation, he desires to mention that they both stay collectively as buddies and every time Babita faces a hard situation, Minnie encourages her to fight the state of affairs and pass ahead, even Babita ought to additionally encourage Minnie to head beforehand and combat the state of affairs, then she will see how suitable Minnie with prevail.

Ashok returns domestic once you have bail, and Biji does his aarti. Dadaji scolds him. Ashok blames Hanuman for alleging him wrongly. Mita says his blind agree with in the direction of business associate Mr. Wadia should be blamed, he ought to not have agreed with out proper id verification. Ashok shouts she constantly reveals fault in him. She says she is telling truth. Ashok keeps shouting. Dadaji says he behaves immaturely always and when will he grow up. cute interferes and taunts Mita t hat she did not accept as true with Ashok and sought help from her parents, so Babita needed to assist them monetarily. Ashok keeps yelling at Mita again.

Minnie returns home after meeting Nayeem bi. Hanuman busy making ready meals seeing her and asks to taste her daal. Minnie says she isn’t fascinated. He offers her daal and asks to taste it at least. She tastes and says not awful. Hanuman asks if she wishes money to say accurate, excellent. Minnie says she is giving frank opinion. Hanuman adds ghee in daal and asks to flavor now. Minnie tastes and says excellent. He offers daal bowl for Babita and asks Minnie to allow her mother flavor and charge it. Minnie says she has some work.

Hanuman insists and sends her with daal. Babita smiles searching at her and Minnie’s photograph. Minnie walks in and says Hanuman uncle despatched her daal to taste and charge it. Babita asks where she had gone. Minnie says she did not meet any boy and become in Nayeem bi’s residence. Babita asks why is she talking rudely. Minnie says then how must she talk.

Precap: Babita tells Nayeem bi that she desires mortgage badly. Nayeem bi says she were given a huge police branch contract and need to now not hesitate to take mortgage from others. Khatri hears that and says he’ll invest.

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Patiala Babes 25 April 2019
Patiala Babes 25th April 2019
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Patiala Babes 25th April


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