Patiala Babes 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Hanuman getting to know about Babita’s new task. Naeem Bi praises Babita for grabbing the possibility and getting the activity.

Hanuman involves his residence and starts shouting at Babita. He counts his favours in the front of Babita. Hanuman lashes out at Babita for gambling together with his beliefs.

He says that due to Babita the factory proprietor is compelling him to oblige him. Mini comes domestic and forestalls Hanuman.

She rebukes him for speak rudely with her Babes and asks him to apologize to Babita. Hanuman says its Babita’s fault and so he’s going to no longer make an apology.

Later, Babita makes Mini understand the entire be counted. Mini asks Babita to come back with her.

Biji questions Dadaji about his act of favouring Ashok and Mita. She refuses to just accept Ashok and Mita’s relation.

Dadaji feels that Mita may rework Ashok and make him a higher person. Mita confesses in front of Ashok that she stopped Dadaji from signing the papers.

Ashok questions Mita over her act. Mita says she is scared that he’ll harm his parents and her at some point.

Mini brings Babita to the manufacturing facility and asks the supplier to give Babita the activity on behalf of her qualifications.

The supplier offers Babita the task of a supervisor in his manufacturing unit.

Mini involves Hanuman’s office. Babita narrates the entire incident to Hanuman. Hanuman continues staring at Babita at the same time as she speaks.

The written update of 25 February 2019 Patiala Bebes episode complete tale ends.

Precap: Hanuman apologizes to Babita for his impolite behaviour


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