Patiala Babes 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Babita depicts NB how HS addressed her inconsiderately. NB grins and inquires as to whether she is harmed, she can change her home. Babita says it is hard to locate another house, so she won’t. NB says she should bargain with HS at that point. Babita picks hand grounded bean stew power and leaves. At home, HS attempts to plan tea for himself and drops water on his kurta. He fixes table fan to dry his kurta when Babita strolls in conveying bean stew powder.

Bean stew powder flies into HS’ eyes and he yells occupant executed him. She offers him water. He requests to get him more water and after that garments. She says for what reason should she as he admonished her yesterday. He is sorry her for yesterday’s trouble making. She says its alright. Their sweet nok jhok proceeds. Minnie calls Preet and Mickey at NB’s home while NB, Biji, and Dadaji are out. Preet and Mickey ask how could she change so soon. Minnie says Mickey’s long address changed her perspectives and inquires as to whether HS and Babes’ romantic tale can begin as Mickey said.

Mickey asks by what means will they know. Minnie asks how did Mickey and Preet acknowledged they cherish one another. Preet says Mickey spoilt the unexpected uncovering it to them before they could express it to one another. Mickey says he knows a site which has run of the mill quizes which can enable them to know whether Babes likes HS or not, he utilizes it to bait young ladies. Preet blows up. Minnie notes down focuses and supposes she will test them on Babita.

Babita occupied vegetables with NB. NB requests that merchant pack padwal. Babita says it isn’t in their the present menu and even Minnie dislikes it. NB says it is HS’ top pick. Babita requests to pack it and provide for to NB to set it up for her child. NB quietly requests that seller convey it to Hanuman’s home and strolling with Babita inquires as to whether she won’t set anything up which Minnie dislikes. Babita returns home and gets ready nourishment thinking back NB’s words. HS strolls towards home with Laala intensely intoxicated commending compromise with Minnie. Laala inquires as to why he needs to separation with Babita.

HS inquires as to whether he has gone frantic, he needs Babita to be a major part of his life. Laala drops him outside house and leaves. Babita hearing doorbell asks Minnie to open it as HS more likely than not come. Minnie opens entryway and sees vigorously intoxicated HS. Babita approaches Minnie to bring HS up for supper. HS attempts to disclose his support to Minnie. Minnie like a genuine little girl washes his face, remedies his garments, takes him up, causes him to sit and requests that he act ordinarily. He tumbles down. She gets him up. Babita seeing his intoxication indignantly serves him nourishment. Minnie peruses down each point she saw on site and it coordinates Babita’s motions. HS sees padwal sabji and says he adores it and used to complete entire utensil in his youth, yet today he doesn’t have a craving for having it.

Precap: Laala discloses to Babita that HS is feeling sorry. Babita says she would wouldn’t fret as it is his wellbeing, his home and his cash. HS state everything is hers.


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