Patiala Babes 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie walks to NB’s house and hugs her happily. NB asks what happened early morning. Minnie excitedly informs that Babes and HS have reconciled and slept in same room, now she is tension-free regarding Babes. NB says that is a good news and suggests her not to take Laala’s advice from hereon and to stay in HS’ house. Biji brings chips and papads and says she will prepare even pinni. Minnie asks who is coming. NB says her son Irfan is coming with wife Rukhsana and son Imran. Minnie says she must be very happy. NB says very much and she wants to load her kitchen with snacks so that Imran doesn’t feel any scarcity of snacks. She goes to check Babita. Biji says she will prepare pinni breakfast from hereon to lessen NB’s burden. Minnie makes Biji sit and asks not to take so much load on her. Dadaji returns huffing and informs Biji that he ordered grocery and will bring vegetables. Minnie asks him to relax.

In police station, Laala informs HS that he wants to cancel his engagement with his fiance. HS asks reason. Laala says seeing his and Babita’s fight, he doesn’t want to get into relationship. HS informs that they have patched up last night. Laala congratulates him and happily hugs.

NB performs Babita’s nazar and gives her moral gyaan about husband and wife’s relationship. Babita senses her happiness and asks reason. NB says her son Irfan is coming with his family. Babita says she must be so excited to meet them then. NB says staying away from children is very painful. Babita says even she cannot stay away from Minnie even for a day. Their discussion continues when Irfan calls her and informs that he has reached railway station and will be reaching home soon.

Biji prepares pinni/laddoo while Dadaji helps her. Minnie asks Dadaji to become Biji’s assistant. Dadaji says he used to help Biji before Babita came home and used to finish half of kitchen work. Minnie amazed asks Biji is it true. Biji says nothing sort of that. NB returns home with Irfan and family and introduces them to Biji, Dadaji, and Minnie and says Irfan is a professor in Aligarh muslim university and Rukhsana is a teacher. She tells Irfan that Khurana saheb is her rakhi brother, so he is Irfan’s maamu/uncle. Biji asks how was their traveling experience. Rukshana says good. Irfan says it was hectic and he wanted to rest after coming home, but he can’t now, pointing at Dadaji and Biji. NB says he can rest in room and takes him and Rukhsana along. Imran gets excited seeing laddoos. Biji shows laddoos and asks if he wants laddoos, he should tell who she is. Imran says daadi. Minnie asks which daadi. Irfan says jhanjat/troublesome daadi as papa told they are jhanjat and are forcefully living in their house as tenants. Biji and Dadaji feel bad. NB walks to them and asks Biji what was she talking to Imran. Biji says just kiddy talks.

Babita is busy decorating vase with flowers when HS with Laala returns home calling veer balika/Minnie. Babita says when was Minnie at home at this time. HS says Laala brought him home saying he wants to have Babita’s prepared food. Babita says her prepared food is served at his police station. HS nervously says yes and asks HS what should he say now. HS says taste differs at home. Babita says she was not feeling hungry, so she didn’t prepare food, but will in 10 minutes if he wants. Laala says dahi kadi. HS says not to trouble Babita as she must be tired with household work and they had lunch already. Laala says yes and reveals that HS wanted to see her face and came here in lieu of having tea. HS shies and walks away. Babita shyingly clicks selfie and sends it to HS. HS checks and asks why is this for. Babita says he doesn’t have to return midway from duty to see her face again. HS walks away smiling while Babita shyingly smiles.

Minnie meets Preet and informs her situation. Preet says she is stuck between everyone and soon everything will be fine. Minnie says she has to do something.

Precap: HS and Babita welcome Minnie with aarti and showering flowers on her.


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