Patiala Babes 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie calls Preet home and says she is stuck between Babes and Dadu/Biji, she cannot deny Babes’ order and cannot leave Dadu/Biji alone. She says NB’s son Irfan looked arrogant and commented rudely on Biji, if she had her own house, she would have kept Dadu/Biji there. Preet asks if she will keep them here. Minnie says this is HS’ house and not hers, she hopes if she had her and Babes’s house where she could live freely; they came here as tenant, then slowly Babes became part of HS’ life and this became Babes’ house; though Babes and HS say it is her house, she doesn’t feel the warmth of a house and feel it will be a rented house always where she is a tenant.

HS returns from duty and seeing Babita lifting weight helps her. Babita says she hasinvited NB’s son and family for dinner. HS asks where is Veer Balika. Babita says in her room, Preet had come to meet her sometime ago, she feels Minnie is not tensed because of her exams but something else, so HS should speak to her and find out reason. Wedding arranger walks in and hands over bills to HS. HS says he can come and collect money tomorrow after Minnie checks them. Arranger gives him 2 CDs found outside. HS sees Babita and Ashok’s wedding video and the one Minnie made for HS and Babes. Babita says maybe CDs got exchanged and innocent daughter had to bear allegations. HS walks to Minnie’s room reminiscing Minnie’s immense trust on him, but he alleging Minnie without trusting her. He asks Minnie to play the CD on her laptop and watching it says CDs got exchanged. He emotionally apologizes Minnie and requests to forgive him. Minnie emotionally hugs him. HS says she is his most dear one and he cannot be happy keeping her away. He signals her to smile and she smiles emotionally.

HS takes Minnie down smiling. Babita gets emotional seeing that. HS tells Babita that he had promised Minnie that he will he will perform her graha pravesh with her mother, today it is time to fulfill his promise. Babita perform Minnie’s aarti and HS signals her to enter inside smiling. Minnie steps inside house while HS and Babita shower flowers on her. Kinaare Khud hi to hai… plays in the backgroun. Minnie cries emotionally hugging HS. Babita joins them. HS asks Minnie to always keep smiling.

NB with Irfan and his family enters. HS greets Irfan and introduces him to Babita and Minnie as his brother, his wife Ruksana, and son Imran; then introduces his wife Babita and daughter Veer Balika. Ruksana says they met Minnie already and she is very charming kid. She tells NB informed her about Babita’s catering business and she is inspired a lot by Babita. Babita says she is still learning and there is lot more to learn. Irfan tells HS that he needs to talk to him privately. HS takes him aside and asks what would he like to have. Irfan says first he needs to talk and says he knows they are friends since generations and he don’t know how to speak. HS asks him not to hesitate. Irfan asks why his wife’s ex-in-laws are staying at his mother’s house. Minnie hears their conversation.

Precap: Babita scolds Minnie for meeting Dadu/Biji again.
Minnie says she will meet her grandparents and confronts her that she shouldn’t blame Lovely, Ashok, and Dadu/Biji’s for her situation as she is also equally responsible.


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