Patiala Babes 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Babita asks her to keep silent. Nayeem bi maintains that their trouble is due to him, they got a huge police branch catering agreement. Khatri says he can finance them. Babita says she might as an alternative take financial institution loan. Khatri says it is not easy to take financial institution loan, she desires collateral security of property or rings. Nayeem bi says she will be able to keep her house as collateral and would be happy to assist during her remaining days. They both go back home. Babita hesitates to preserve Nayeem bi’s residence as collateral security. Nayeem bi together with her emotional speech convinces Babita and over phone informs Khatri that she would alternatively take financial institution loan.

Khatri informs Kartar and seeks his and Kartar’s assist to convince Babita and Nayeem bi. They each get reluctant and say they will not allow him do business with a girl who insulted Khatri. Khatri says with out money, they can’t even purchase their make-up item and colourful clothes. After a whole lot of convincing, they each agree to take partnership suggestion to Babita as their very own. They reach Nabita’s residence and try to convince Babita and Nayeem bi with their sugar-covered speech, however Babita tells Nayeem bi that she feels Khatri and Kartar sent them. Nayeem bi says she is right and rejects their offer. They stroll away yelling that Babita is attempting to snatch old woman’s residence. after they leave, Babita says they may be right and he or she is not yet convinced to loan Nayeem bi’s residence. Nayeem bi asks no longer to take note of them.

In police station, Laala tells Hanuman that he has a waste agricultural land in his village which he desires to promote and fund Babita’s commercial enterprise. Hanuman asks why he’s so involved about mother and daughter. Laala says he and his fiance will do partnership with Babita and could earn a good-looking money, it’s far higher to get scolded through Hanuman than being pampered with the aid of Babita. Hanuman asks him to march fast and sending him out of his cabin thinks human beings want to go away police task and come to be chefs, god keep them.

Minnie attends university lecture, engrasped in thoughts. After lecture finishes, lecturers gives lunch wreck. Minnie sits in magnificence engrasped in mind. Lecturer asks if she can now not take ruin. Minnie says she joined midterm and will sit and have a look at. Lecturer leaves. Manmeet together with his friends see Minnie on my own in elegance room and says now he will educate her a lesson. He locks door from inside. Minnie sees that and warns him to get out, else she can trash him brutally with her karate movements. Manmeet says whole university knows she is karate champion, he will not do something. She asks what will he do then. He unbuttons his blouse and crumples his hair. Preet does no longer see Minnie at her standard area and asks Mickey if he noticed Mickey. He says no. They see college students accrued outdoor Minnie’s class and knocking door. Lecturer also walks in and asks them to get into magnificence. Preet says a person has locked door from inner Manmeet opens door with unbuttoned blouse and crumpled hair. Minnie stands tensed.

Precap: Babita is of the same opinion to take Khatri and Kartar’s wives as commercial enterprise associate with 2 situations. Khatri says Babita is a fish that is trapping herself into his net.


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