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Jaya receives trophy and gold medal after prevailing karate opposition. Mickey congratulates her and extends friendship hand. Minnie accepts his friendship. She then walks to Hanuman and emotionally touches his feet. He emotionally hugs and congratulates her. instruct walks in and congratulates Minnie that she were given her university admission and he or she can end formalities day after today. Minnie gets greater excited. Hanuman shares his ethical gyaan. returned home, Minnie eagerly waits for Babita. Babita returns home past due. Minnie excitedly runs and hugs her and shows her trophy, medal and college id card. Babita asks how did she get all this. Minnie says she received karate opposition and were given her admission in sports quota. Babita also rejoices. Minnie feeds her goodies. Babita additionally feeds her added burfi. Minnie asks if she knew about ther victory ahead. Babita says no and nervously says she left process and explains motive. Minnie consoles her no longer to fear as she knew Trilok become now not a good boss and was misusing her talent and paying less, she will find a new activity later. She asks to sleep now as she has university admission tomorrow.

Babita does no longer get sleep in anxiety and thinks she cannot discuss her ordeal with Minnie, so she has to with a person else. She walks right down to Hanuman and coughs to wake him up. He wakes up and asks if she needs anything in the dead of night. She says she is tensed that all his and Minnie’s efforts on her and he or she dissatisfied them each. Hanuman says he isn’t always. She says all his chanakya gyaan on her went in vain and he or she is a big 0. Hanuman makes a zero out of metallic string and says it is not zero till 2 ends are not met and life can cross on. Babita takes string an folding it multiple times says she can see handiest zero. Hanuman takes it and shows it’s miles spiral and existence is a call of non-stop efforts and there is no end till they’re alive, she need to preserve her effort and she will be successful quickly. He reminds what all occurred in her life and the way she overcame from her issues and now staying with her daughter in a rented lodging expectantly; if she consents, she can hit spoon twice. Babita shakes her anklet two times and walks returned to her place. Hanuman thinks precise improvement from spoon to anklet.

Trilok with Anokhe delivers uniforms to Meeta. Meeta checks their first-class and praises it, asks in which is Babita. He says she changed into very arrogant lady and he had employed her because of referral and pitying on her state of affairs, she was a divorcee and was in trouble, but she showed her arrogance and left activity for easy motive.

Back domestic, Laala irons Hanuman’s uniform. Hanuman asks him to frighten Trilok for no longer constructing a toilet in his manufacturing facility showing authorities’s order that each working area ought to have a bathroom. Babita walks to them and addressing Laala says his sir saheb defined her about spiral lifestyles and says she has not given up after his encouraging gyaan. Their discussion maintains. Babita then is going to university with Minnie for admission. Minnie whilst filling application form stops seeing father’s call. Babita says she ought to fill Ashok’s name and can not change the fact. Minnie says if it was in her hand, she might trade her father, she can never do not forget Ashok as her father.

Precap Upcoming Patiala Babes episode update: Ashok yells at Minnie that she is Minnie Ashok Khurana


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