Patiala Babes 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ashok with Meeta enters Babita’s house with university consent letter. Minnie asks what’s he doing here, he isn’t welcome of their lives anymore. Ashok shouts at Meeta didn’t she see Minnie’s arrogance. Meeta asks Minnie to act along with her father. Babita says Minnie ought to behave her father, but she does now not need lesson from Meeta who broke someone’s residence to grab Ashok. Ashok shouts at Meeta again if she came right here to get insulted and says he introduced consent letter for Minnie’s admission, they should be grateful to him. Babita says they don’t want his choose, Minnie is right that after father downs them, it’s far better they disown father as an alternative and get rid off his surname. She tells Minnie allow us to move and trade her call to Minnie Babita legally.

Ashok returns domestic and informs Dadaji and Biji what Babita advised. Dadaji reacts and says how can Babita grasp their granddaughter from them, she used to admire relationships a lot, what passed off to her now, he’ll speak to her. Biji starts offevolved her speech subsequent. Ashok says Babita has changed. On the other aspect, Babita tells Hanuman and Laala that she has modified and conditions changed her, she will be able to experience what’s proper and wrong, she can no longer listen to absolutely everyone now and now not even Biji and Papaji; if she has misplaced relationships, she gained a friend in Hanuman, brother in Laala and mother in Nayeem bi; if Minnie desires to exchange her surname, she will. Hanuman says Minnie isn’t yet adult and is just 17, so Babita has to report a sworn statement and then post in news paper, then put up details to gazetted officer who will punish in news paper subsequent and then end relaxation of formalities. Babita asks what will be the prices. Hanuman says round 2700 rs. Babita asks why so much. Hanuman says a hundred and fifty for stamp paper and some other 550 for relaxation of formalities. Babita asks what about 2000 rs. Nayeem bi says she had promised to get returned Minnie’s scooty after she receives her first profits, so that they paid 2000 rs to mechanic and were given lower back Minnie’s scooty. Hanuman says 2000 rs is going there.

Minnie returns domestic speaking to Preet and jumps excitedly seeing her scooty, runs to it and asks how did it come here. Hanuman enters and says it wanted to fulfill Minnie eagerly, so got here flying. Nayeem bi enters subsequent with Nabita and asks Minnie to experience it. Minnie rides scooty now. Minnie rides scooty with Preet as pillion. Khatri’s spouse Kammo watches them and gets jealous. Khatri in his workplace offers some suspicious CDs to Kittu and warns him not to tell Kammo aunty. Kammo enters, and Kittu hides CDs. Kammo yells at Kittu that he decided on a incorrect girl Preet who has befriended shameless Minnie who’s divorcee Babita’s daughter, they both are characterless. Kittu yells he knew Minnie is wrong throughout their first meeting itself.

Babita receives a job provide thru smartphone and informs Minnie that she had submitted her profile at a job organization and she were given a governess’ task provide. Minnie says it’s miles an clean process and she or he just has to look at some Hindi movies for info, asks about revenue. Babita says 12000 rs. Minnie says it’s miles very less, she must ask for extra. Babita says it’s far their closing provide and she will work quickly until she gets suitable activity. Rano enters and trashes Preet for mingling with Minnie. She yells at Minnie and Babita that they’re characterless, and so forth. Hanuman confronts and warns to mind her tongue. She yells lower back that she is married and he can not communicate to her directly. She continues alleging Babita next and does now not allow her talk.

Precap Upcoming Patiala Babes episode update: Minnie insists Rano to make an apology Babes. Preet as an alternative insists Minnie to express regret her mom, else their friendship will quit today.


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