Patiala Babes 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie walks to Babita and seeing her smiling asks what’s taking place, she is smiling here and HS is smiling downstairs, what is taking place. Babita asks is it. Minnie insists her to come back down and drags her to HS. She sits among HS and Babita who act fearful and shy and asks them to break their silence and talk something. HS asks why she looks so indignant, what is the problem. She asks if she is hectic or them, they ought to now not conceal what’s in their mind, else they will get gastric problem. HS says he has vaidya’s churan for gastric trouble. Minnie asks what. He says allow him come to the point, it’s miles a nice environment today and he’ll specific what’s in his mind, he has called scrapman to come back and take all old newspapers and matters, then he’s going to easy haveli and make it glow once more.

Babita smiles. Minnie asks why turned into she smiling. Babita says peas, she has frozen peas to make aloo matar sabji. Minnie says Oh god, take her up. Babita scolds no longer to say that. Minnie says they each can dream about aloo matar sabji and scrapman. HS and Babita maintain smiling.
Minnie walks to Dadaji and Biji and notice them preventing for sugar in tea. NB walks to her and asks if HS and Babita fought once more. Minnie says no, they both… NB says love every other. Minnie asks if she is aware of already. NB says she spent 62 mansoons and might expect anyone. Minnie asks when will they say i love you to every different if they shy so much. NB asks to offer them some time. Minnie sees Dadaji and Biji continuing to fight and tells Biji that Dadaji is proper. Dadaji scolds her who’s she to intrude between them. Biji says they fight as well asl love every different. Minnie smiles hearing that and receives an concept.

NB walks in to HS’ residence and seeing him amassing liquor bottles confronts for consuming alcohol regularly. HS says he beverages rarely. NB scolds him that he is spoiling his fitness and arguing along with his mother. HS says she has long past vintage. NB maintains her drama. Minnie walks to Babita and seeing her on computer insists to talk to her. Babita asks her to attend as she is replying to vital messages. Minnie says she is the use of net an excessive amount of and calls idiot. Babita says she can not scold her mom and get in touch with her idiot Minnie says she known as her idiot in many instances, then she did no longer experience terrible; if she continues staring display, she will be able to get thick spectacles. Babita walks at the back of her scolding how dare she is to live that. Minnie is going to NB and complains that Babita is the usage of monitor regularly. NB says Minnie is right, she should no longer watch screen a lot as t is awful for her health. HS says NB shouldn’t speak as she called him alcoholic only for ingesting now and again. Minnie murmurs that now they each will fight with every different after which will specific their feelings for every other. HS asks Babita if he is alcoholic for drinking sometimes. Babita says NB is proper, he has started ingesting regularly and shows bottles. HS says she also is looking display too much and could get thick specifications quickly. Their fight continues. Minnie and NB experience their combat.

NB then walks to Babita who confronts NB that she supported her son and now not her. NB says she and HS care for each other a lot and are fighting as they love each different lots.. Babita says she does not. NB says let him drink and fail his liver and then die soon. Babita asks why is she announcing that, doesn’t she love her son. NB says while she cares and love him a lot, then why don’t she specific it. Minnie walks to HS and says Babes wishes a person who loves her plenty. HS says she is there for her. Minnie says she is there, but Babes needs someone worrying like him, so he have to explicit his emotions for Babes. HS says he can not. Minnie says can’t he see her eagerness, her tears, her disappointment, and so forth. HS says he sees however.. Minnie says he shouldn’t punish her Babes for my mistakes. HS says he isn’t indignant on her at all, a man and woman’s dating may be very delicate and even if one wrong string is pulled, the whole lot will shatter.

Precap: Babita stops HS from consuming alcohol. HS holds her hand and warns not to initiate his emotions, if he burns he’ll burn even her.


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