Patiala Babes 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie enjoying Babita’s prepared rajma chawal with Mickey tells him that they want value phrases to define their brand. Babita asks what does it mean. She says it’s far like Babes remind her of rajma chawal. Babita asks if she is rajma chawal. Minnie explains one may have lodge meals for a day or , but the consolation home cooked meals offers is awsome, in particular rajma chawal. Babita serves her extra rajma chawal. Minnie says she were given an idea and describes slogan Maa Sab Janti Hai/mom is aware of everything. Babita describes her feelings for food and Minnie types it down on their website and hopes sponsors notice it and come forward to assist.

Hanuman Singh/HS hires an astrologer and feeding him snacks asks to examine his kundali. Astrologer says his graha dasha is going incorrect and Rahu ketu and shani aren’t in his favor. HS asks answer for that. He has to take a step himself. HS calls Nayeem Bi/NB and explains his plan that he’ll express regret Babita through FM radio channel and NB have to help him. NB asks how can she. He says she boasted herself as his mother, however does now not need to assist her son. NB in her ordinary style scolds him and has the same opinion to assist. She walks inside domestic and asks Babita to exchange on FM as her favourite vintage music software will come. HS speaks as visitor and says he desires to express regret his tenant. Babita identifies his voice. Host asks HS if he’ll now not screen his or tenant’s name. HS says no as his tenant will identify him. He apologizes Babita pronouncing his graha dasha become now not proper, so he was rude to her inside the morning. He plays an old apology song. Babita adjustments channel. NB scolds her to replay channel. HS feels frightened questioning if Babita forgave him or now not. Babita calls FM channel and revealing her call says she is not unanymous like her house owner who is the usage of graha dasha to guard himself and could now not get forgiveness until he speaks immediately. She then asks to play Bholi Surat Dil Ke Khote…song.. NB sits angrily. HS feels sad listening to Babita’s phrases and tune.

Preet meets Minnie and insists her to assist her explicit her love for Mickey. Preet says she is unpredictable, earlier she became in some different boy’s love and now Mickey, at the least Bobby is higher than her who is caught in the back of only me. Preet says she actually loves Mickey now. Minnie says Mickey has gone to satisfy the lady her parents decided on and if he rejects her, his father will kill him with emotional blackmail. Minnie then gets sponsor’s reply and excitedly informs Babita that a large international employer has agreed to sponsor them and needs them to fulfill at their Chandigarh workplace the next day. Babita says she desires to look expert and wishes professional looking garments. Minnie says cute maasi can help them select great boutique. They cross for shopping. HS returns home and tells Laala that earlier he used to return domestic on every occasion he liked to and sleep freely, but now with Minnie and Babita’s presence he desires to be careful. They each go back. HS asks where that they had long gone. Minnie reminds him that she had known as and informed him about sponsor’s message and assembly the following day, so she had gone to shop for clothes. HS says Babita has turn out to be daring and she or he even spoke daringly at a radio station. Minnie asks what he manner. HS asks to forget that and asks what did she purchase. Minnie asks him to indicate what to put on the following day. Babita nervously asks why she is calling him. Minnie says permit it be.

Precap: Minnie attempts one-of-a-kind dresses, HS likes one Minnie insists Babita to pop out, but Babita hesitates.


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