Patiala Babes 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Preet complains professor that someone has locked lecture room door from interior. Professor knocks door and warns to come out as he is getting late to start elegance. Manmeet opens door and walks out with unbuttoned blouse and crimpled hair. Minnie nervously says professor that not anything passed off and he or she can provide an explanation for. Professor asks to get out and he will whinge predominant. Minnie walks out crying. Mickey runs in the back of her. Manmeet walks to her and boasts that he spoilt her reputation with out even touching her, she boasted about her karate understanding wrongly. Mickey tries to confront him in useless. On the opposite aspect, Nayeem Bi’s son calls her. She gets emotional and asks how did he call her. He says his youngsters need to rejoice this 12 months’s eid with her. She says his children might have forgotten grandmother. He says Khatri referred to as and knowledgeable that she is mortgaging their residence for a few unknown woman who’s manipulating her. Babita hears their verbal exchange. Nayeem bi says he does no longer know Babita is a pleasing girl. Son says she can not loan residence with out his consent. Nayeem bi says this residence belong to his father who transferred it in her name earlier than loss of life as he knew his kids will throw out his wife after his loss of life. Son says he’ll see how she will be able to loan residence and he will no longer come for eid now. Nayeem bi cries and asks Babita that her children are at the back of money and does no longer hassle about her, but she will be able to mortgage her residence Babita need not worry.

Khatri over speaks to Nayeem bi’s son who thanks Khatri for information, Khatri says Nayeem bi is like his mother and he will now not permit anybody control her. Kammo and Pammi say Babita will not come to them even along with his tricks. Khatri says she can. Babita walks in and says she is prepared to make Kammo and Pammi as partners, however has 2 conditions; first is best Kammo and Pammi will be her commercial enterprise partners and Khatri or Kartar will not interfere and 2d is they both should paintings together with her and can’t just assume income and permit her on my own paintings. They both get tensed. Khatri says he is ok with it. as soon as Babita leaves, Kammo and Pammi yell that Babita desires to make them as slave and took situation in her prefer. Khatri says Babita is a fish which herself got into their trap.

Babita returns domestic and boasts in the front of Nayeem bi that she will use Pammi and Kammo till she finds people and her business prospers, let them additionally paintings for earnings. She says if Minnie hears about her plan, she will bounce in happiness. Minnie returns domestic reminiscing college incident and drops her helmet. Babita excitedly informs that she were given entire police department catering settlement. Khatri enters with tiffin boxes. Minnie angrily asks what is he doing here. Babita says she took Pammi and Kammo as commercial enterprise partners and asks Khatri why did he come in preference to sending his spouse. Khatri says he or his wife as associate is equal component, so he got here to deliver tiffin box. once he leaves, Babita attempts to explain that she did not get monetary help, so became considering searching for Hanuman’s help or loan Nayeem bi’s residence, but then felt it’s far better to take Pammi and Kammo as business companions. Minnie sees college institution’s messages badmouthing about her and angrily shouts at Babita how can she take this type of wrong selection, did she overlook how Khatri and his spouse insulted her, how can she think she usually takes a proper choice. Babita tries to explain, however Minnie continues blasting her verbally and vent out her anger. Hanuman enters and hearing their verbal exchange warns Minnie now not to misbehave together with her mother and to apologize her. Minnie says he does now not recognise what Babes did. He says anything she does, Minnie can not misbehave together with her mom and asks to express regret before he counts 5. Minnie says sorry and runs to her room crying. Babita walks behind her, but Hanuman stops her and asks no longer to go and pamper her and waste his attempt of correcting Minnie.

Minnie cries loudly lying on her mattress. Mickey standing on street outside her house messages her and asks to come back to balcony. She says she cannot, and he insists. She walks towards balcony. Babita says she prepared her preferred aloo sabji. Minnie says she isn’t always hungry and walks to balcony. Mickey cheers her up with his jokes and asks her to observe megastar. She reluctantly does and smiles seeing stars. He shows her now not to be aware of college institution chat and to simply loosen up. Their dialogue maintains. Minnie walks in. Nayeem bi notices them. Minnie returns and enjoys Babita’s organized meals smiling. Babita cheers noticing it.

Precap: Babita and Hanuman chat and laugh. Nayeem bi catches them crimson handed and says they’ll stare every different and will suppose no one will recognise about it.


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