Patiala Babes 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rano maintains humiliating Babita and Minnie and yells she located a great alliance for Preet to get her rid off Minnie, however now Kittu referred to as and knowledgeable he does no longer want to marry Preet if she keeps her friendship with Minnie. Preet is stunned to listen that. Minnie says she warned Preet that Kittu isn’t a right guy, it’s miles higher she breaks up this alliance. Rano starts yelling at Minnie subsequent. Minnie reverts her again. Preet gets furious and warns Minnie to make an apology her mother. Minnie says she will be able to if Rano apologizes Babita and Hanuman. Ranno yells she will in no way apologize. Minnie says she will additionally now not express regret then. Preet warns if she does now not, she will break their friendship. Minnie says fine then. Preet asks Rano to tell Kittu that she broke her friendship with Minnie and walks away.

Minnie angrily shuts door yelling to head away. Babita asks Hanuman to do some thing. Hanuman says kids can’t understand some thing presently and he’s going to no longer intrude among 2 buddies.
Babita attempts to chill out Minnie and asks her to cry if she wants to as she misplaced her friendship. Minnie says why have to she, it’s miles Preet’s loss. subsequent morning, Minnie asks Babita to put together her breakfast as she is getting past due to highschool. Bobby calls her repeated and he or she disconnects call. Babita gives her breakfast, and Minnie walks out for university. Hanuman speaks to her and indicates to take a look at nicely and if a person tries to rag, record FIR, he wil take care subsequent. Kittu walks to her and asks if Preet did now not come. Minnie warns him to stop his drama and get out. He says she wanted to initiate Preet against him, now she is out of Preet’s lifestyles. Hanuman tongue lashes him and shoos him away. He shows her to patch up with Preet as her pal is irritated on her, she will give an explanation for her to live far from Kittu. Babita sadly informs Nayeem about Minnie and Preet’s friendship breakup and says she has to be Minnie’s buddy now. Nayeem Bi says she is getting late for her task and need to hurry up. Babita rushes to get ready.

Minnie reaches university and asks a pupil about BA magnificence. student says first lecture is at 11 p.m. Minnie introduces herself and says allow us to visit canteen. pupil says she saw her during images and karate opposition, whole college knows her; she can’t come together with her as she is from Preet’s institution and absolutely everyone is aware of about their breakup. Minnie walks to Preet and tries to give an explanation for that Kittu isn’t always a right boy for her. Preet yells that simply because her father became no longer loyal to her mom, each person could be disloyal with their existence associate s, warns to forestall interfering in her life as she is already going through problems due to her.

Babita goes for a new governess process. residence proprietor greets her in and asks his wife to take over. wife asks husband to stay together with her till she interviews Babita. He says he does no longer want to intervene between girls, so she ought to take care of it. wife is going in to provide him lunchbox. another maid asks Babita to take care of baby as she is employed for that. wife comes out and asks Babita to take a seat. Babita sits on couch. spouse receives indignant. Maid asks Babita to sit down on floor as it’s miles their right vicinity, couch is for owners. Babita stands amused.

Precap: Dadaji confronts Minnie that she is doing a mistake looking to get justice for her mom and if she isn’t Khurana, then their dating is no extra.


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