Patiala Babes 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Hanuman Singh/HS with Nayeem Bi/NB and Laala enjoys goodies whilst Minnie walks out with her new dress and asks to pick out one nice dress for the following day’s client assembly. She attempts unique dresses. HS likes one. Minnie then brings Babita. HS imagines preserving Babita and that they each searching into every other’s eyes. He receives alert and says this dress is nice. Minnie indicates distinct clothes and argues. NB says let Babita determine herself. Laala says NB is proper. Babita asks Minnie to accompany her as they need to make presentation. Minnie walks away taunting Babes will put on her decided on get dressed. subsequent morning, HS is busy exercising then Babita walks down carrying his selected dress and preserving breakfast for him. He stands fearful. She says she introduced him breakfast as she and Minnie are going to meet client quickly. Minnie walks down with file and asks Babita why did she wear HS’s decided on dress in preference to her decided on dress. Babita says she wore other get dressed and some thing fell on it, so she is carrying this get dressed. Minnie says let us leave as patron must be ready. She gets purchaser’s mail that their annual price range has exhausted and that they cannot sponsor them. Babita gets tensed and ask how will they buy Balli’s shop now, NB must have began auction already.

NB begins auction and speaks over mic for lengthy. Balli asks why she is taking a lot time rather than starting bid. Khatri says she will no longer start bidding until Babita and Minnie arrive. Balli says they had snacks and sitting under sun due to the fact that long, can she begin bidding. NB drinks lassi and continues her speech. Khatri asks if she can begin bidding now. NB says this keep’s honest fee is 7.five lakhs, they are able to start bidding above it.

Minnie and Babita get tensed questioning how will they arrange cash now. HS says they ought to contact different sponsors. Minnie receives another sponsor’s mail that they may be geared up to sponsor up to six lakhs rs. Babita says that is what they want and asks to check sponsor’s info. Minnie tests and informs it’s far nearby oil manufacturer and that they have to partner with not but well-known. HS says even they started out their commercial enterprise from scratch, so that they have to accept this provide if they want to bid Balli’s keep. Babita has the same opinion.

NB maintains bidding. Balli bids 7.75 lakhs and says he will now not allow his ancestral shop visit someone else’s hand. Kartar bids 8 lakhs. Khatri bids 8.five lakhs and boasts no person can dare bid over him, so NB can hit the hammer three times. NB says whoever wins bid has to deposit quantity into society account within 2 days and hits hammer twice bidding eight.5 lakhs. Babita enters and bids 8.6 laks. Khatri sits frowning even as Babita reminisces how Khatri tried to molest and insult her time and again.

Precap: Minnie informs cute that sponsor is making Babita as their emblem’s model. Director whilst clicking Babita’s % with oil can touches her face to reveal her a way to pose. HS gets angry and says he’s going to trash director.


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