Patiala Babes 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie attends university’s entrance check. Examiner informs that their examination may be from 12 midday to 2 p.m., they may be 5 and simplest 2 seats are available, so they have to perform well. Minnie nervously thinks she has examination and images opposition right away, so she has to pick out one. Examiner warns that she can’t use mobile. Minnie walks away from exam hall to opposition venue and asks organizer if she will be able to put up her access round 2 p.m. Organizer says results will be announced by means of then. She gets message of Babita’s footwear transport at 7 p.m., whether or not to simply accept order or now not; thinks and accepts order. She takes shape and stands in que searching at 1500 rs charge cash.

At Ashok’s house, Biji tells Meeta that there is lots of time for Ashok and Meeta’s wedding ceremony, until then she
wants to deliver her some thing and arms over earrings. Meeta receives glad seeing rings. Biji says it’s miles Babita’s. Meeta says she can not take Babita’s right. Biji says Babita has long past from this residence now, Ashok wanted this earrings, so she will preserve it. She maintains that she had introduced Babita in this house with a lot of goals, Babita had lots of hope and this rings changed into very expensive to her, Ashok wanted to grab Babita’s alimony, so Babita herself back it before leaving, now Meeta have to preserve it and consider Babita’s helplessness. Ashok in his room speaks to enterprise agent and says he can’t give 5 lakhs greater s he already paid what was promised. Meeta enters and asks him to go back it to Babita. Ashok says he’ll now not move as Babita will vent out her anger on him. Meeta says even he did same on Babita and should bear her anger, however ought to move and return her rings at any price. Ashok calls enterprise agent once more and informs that he is prepared to provide 5 lakhs, however needs deal cracked soon. He calls Pinku and asks to ship Babita’s jewelry receipts to sell earrings.

At factory, Babita asks Munna to serve snacks to all employees. people say they don’t need it. Babita asks to serve it to himself and Satnam as they’re Trilok’s dependable workers and orders them both to complete their 6 dress goal within 1 hour and asks Satnam to fix buttons. Satnam sits in next device. employee says it’s miles is gadget.

Babita says Satnam’s jobs is safe as he may be very loyal to Trilok and became backing him the day gone by, he took away all people’ task and will get increment additionally soon. She then guarantees people that in the event that they restart operating and achievve their target, she will advise Trilok for his or her increment, however can not promise although. people agree.

At photography competition venue, organizer says 3 names were finalized and after 2 names takes Minnie’s name and asks her to mission her photos. She tasks Babita’s snap shots. every body clap for her. Minnie takes mic and says her subject is Babes, her mother, and starts offevolved praising Babita’s qualities emotionally. Organizer says she made emotional even him, he will need to move domestic and meet his mom now. He broadcasts Minnie as winner and arms over 1500 rs fee money to her. anybody clap for her once more. Minnie thinks she is getting shoes for Babita.

Precap: Babita returns domestic. Minnie excitedly presents her shoes. Babita gives her a tight slap for skipping front exam.


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