Patiala Babes 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Laala says NB is correct. Babita asks Minnie to go with her as they have to make introduction. Minnie leaves provoking Babes will wear her chose dress. Next morning, HS is occupied with practicing then Babita strolls down wearing his chose dress and holding breakfast for him. He stands apprehensive. She says she brought him breakfast as she and Minnie are going to meet customer soon. Minnie strolls down with record and asks Babita for what good reason did she wear HS’s chosen dress rather than her chose dress. Babita says she wore different dress and something fell on it, so she is wearing this dress. Minnie says let us leave as customer must pause. She gets customer’s mail that their yearly spending plan has depleted and they can’t support them. Babita gets strained and ask by what method will they purchase Balli’s shop now, NB more likely than not began sale as of now.

NB begins sell off and talks once again mic for long. Balli inquires as to why she is taking such a great amount of time as opposed to beginning offer. Khatri says she won’t begin offering till Babita and Minnie arrive. Balli says they had bites and sitting under sun since long, would she be able to begin offering. NB drinks lassi and proceeds with her discourse. Khatri inquires as to whether she can begin offering now. NB says this current shop’s reasonable cost is 7.5 lakhs, they can begin offering above it.

Minnie and Babita get strained reasoning in what capacity will they mastermind cash now. HS says they should contact different backers. Minnie gets another support’s mail that they are prepared to support up to 6 lakhs rs. Babita says that is the thing that they need and requests to check support’s subtleties. Minnie checks and advises it is nearby oil maker and they should connect with not yet celebrated. HS says even they began their business without any preparation, so they ought to acknowledge this offer on the off chance that they need to offer Balli’s shop. Babita concurs.

NB keeps offering. Balli offers 7.75 lakhs and says he won’t let his genealogical shop go to another person’s hand. Kartar offers 8 lakhs. Khatri offers 8.5 lakhs and flaunts no one can set out offer over him, so NB can hit the mallet thrice. NB says whoever wins offer needs to store sum into society account inside 2 days and hits hammer twice offering 8.5 lakhs. Babita enters and offers 8.6 laks. Khatri sits grimacing while Babita thinks back how Khatri attempted to attack and affront her over and over.

Precap: Minnie advises Lovely that support is making Babita as their image’s model. Executive while clicking Babita’s pic with oil can contacts her face to tell her the best way to present. HS blows up and says he will junk chief.


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