Patiala Babes 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

HS explains Minnie that a man and woman’s courting is very touchy or even one incorrect string pulled will entangle the entirety; Babita has a grown up daughter and she or he have to be hesitant to express her feelings, so it’s miles a totally difficult. Pari says Babes is hesitant. HS says allow the scenario continues and he does no longer thoughts dwelling beneath same shelter in a live-in courting. Minnie says dwelling underneath same safe haven does now not imply stay-in courting. HS asks what’s stay-in relationship then. Minnie nervously says it like husband and wife relationship and runs far from there. HS sits pressured. Minnie meets Mickey and Preet and inform them about HS’ concept of stay-in courting. They both giggle. Preet says she might be hit through HS some day. Minnie says HS could be very cool. Their dialogue keeps whilst Mickey gets Babita’s name and he nervously doesn’t pick out it. Minnie insists to pick out it. He choices and meets Babita who serves him rose flavored lassi announcing it’s miles Minnie’s favourite and asks how is it. He says pleasant and attempts to go away. She nervously asks him to get some thing for him and gives a discount. He reads it and asks if she in reality needs this. She says sure. He brings liquor bottle and offers it to him and asks if she is certain about it, it’ll ruin liver. She says okay and gets busy in her household chores. Mickey informs Minnie and Preet that Babita asked him to deliver liquor and asks Minnie to make HS confess his love for Babita, else even Babita will become alcoholic. Minnie is amazed to pay attention that and says earlier there has been 1 alcoholic and now she can’t handle 2 alcoholics.

Babita assessments alcohol percentage in liquor bottle and hides it in HS’ kichen whilst HS walks in with Laala. She asks HS if they may no longer celebrate Sunday with liquor. HS asks why she is looking this. Laala nervously says they may now not. Babita says she promised NB that she will be able to now not permit them to drink. HS asks who is she to promise on his behalf, he will go out and drink closely. Babita stands in the front of door and says she will be able to not allow him move. HS warns her to transport apart, else he’s going to feel horrific. She asks what about her, can’t he sense awful. He says she by no means cared for him. She says she has many problems with him and asks why did he tell Minnie that his mother does not have courage. He says he changed into right. She says she felt in reality horrific. He says she always thank you him for his favors, he feels truely awful. She says he didn’t give him proper more than that. He says even she didn’t. She says he gave proper to Meeta to maintain his had, but now not her. He says he extended his hand towards her additionally, however she drew it back; why did she experience terrible whilst he held Meeta’s hand. Babita wiping her tears says she didn’t sense bad as she is only a tenant for him. He says he continually accompanied her orders and respected her desire. She asks if she asks not to drink nowadays, will he obey. He says an proprietor can not obey tenant. She shuts door and says if he wants to drink he should drink right here itself and offers liquor bottle and a couple of glasses. HS says he is not afraid of all people and asks Laala to open liquor bottle. Laala nervously says he can not open bottle. HS asks why he is so afraid, Babita isn’t president of India, he ought to open bottle and revel in. He himself holds bottle and seeing Babita looking at him says if she is adamant, he is extra adamant than her and asks to get snacks. Babita goes to get snacks. Laala indicates him to don’t dare Babita, else he can be in hassle.

Minnie walks in and asks Babita why she offered alcohol for HS. Babita says so what and drags Minnie to their floor. Laala tells HS that he cannot face Babita’s anger and leaves. Minnie asks what is she doing, she is encouraging HS’ alcoholism. Babita says HS will no longer touch alcohol from these days, asks to simply wait there, and leaves. Minnie this is Babes’ new shape and silently peeps from stairs. Babita walks to HS and asks if he didn’t start yet. He opens bottle and asks if she will deliver him a enterprise as Laala left, in any case he is habituated to drink on my own. Babita picks alcohol glass and throws liquor. He fills glass once more, and she or he throws it away once more. HS says if he receives indignant, he’ll get out of manipulate. She says permit her see his anger and picks glass once more. He holds her hand and warns no longer to provoke him so much, once he starts offevolved burning he’s going to burn even her. Minnie drops some thing looking them and they each get alert. She calls Mickey and says they have to get Babita and HS married soon. Babita asks if he would have disobeyed even Imarati. He says now not to take her call, Imarati does not die from his heart. He walks away whilst she runs to her balcony and stands. A romantic track performs in the history.

Precap: Minnie confronts HS if does not want to transport out of Imarati’s nostalgia, then why did he increase desire in Babes’ coronary heart.


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