Patiala Babes 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Babita fastens Minnie’s garments on sewing machine in Hanuman’s territory while Hanuman sitting close peeps at her holding reverse book. Babita inquires as to whether he is occupied. He says yes he is focusing on a book. She sees invert book and says turn around book needs more fixation. He apprehensively says he is free, however can’t support her and he knows everything but to string a needle. She requests to hold a material at that point and cutting it says bless your heart. HGe dozes on steps peeping at her. A sentimental melody plays out of sight. Nex morning, he awakens hearing Minnie’s energy. Minnie taking a gander at Babita’s sewed garments bounces in energy and says seeing this new plan every one of her colleagues will be desirous of her. She inquires as to whether it is all around expensive. Babita says it would have been on the off chance that she had purchased from outside, she sewed it. Minnie asks when did she pick up sewing. Babita says she was a boss and learnt in manufacturing plant by means of Munna. Minnie says this dress is extremely valuable for her.

Hanuman goes to Balli’s bistro to have tea and snoozes off. Laala awakens him and gives tea. Khatri with his manikins Balli and Kartar insults that Hanuman must have restless evenings and chuckles in his mark style. Hanuman cautions him to quit giggling like a jackass. Khatri says he ought to say thanks to him for buckling down and getting legacy tag for their area and even his home and arranging sustenance mela in their region. Hanuman cautions not to litter spot and peruses rules. He at that point says legacy tag is given by experts and his grandpa’s haveli is for sure legacy.

Stunning over telephone reproves Sukhi to do whatever he can and get her dress from tailor. Ashok inquires as to whether he she battled with Sukhi once more. Stunning says no, he is sitting in tailor’s shop for her dress and she has kitty party toward the evening at her companion Shayna’s home. She reminds Meeta to get ready glass cakes as guaranteed. Meeta says she has imperative gathering, so she will plan at night. Flawless says party is toward the evening. Meeta requests that her purchase cupcakes from any pastry shop and present them as hers and leaves with Ashok. Stunning at that point calls Babita who is caught up with planning lunch for Minnie and rushing for her position at 10 p.m. She in the wake of hollering at Meeta demands Babita to set up some dish for her. Babita concurs after a touch of enthusiastic atyachar. On the opposite side, Shayna unfit to c comfort her crying infant shouts at her significant other Amit that Babita won’t come and he ought to have contracted another aaya. Amit says he attempted, yet couldn’t get anybody. Babita strolls in. Shayna shouts at her for arriving behind schedule. Amit apologizes Babita for Shayna’s sake and even influences her to apologize. Babita checks child and advises infant has colicky stomach and treats him with home cure. House cleaner says Babita is experienced and reassured infant so effectively. Shayna and Amit likewise state same.

Minnie sets off for college where every one of her companions like her dress and take her pics to get same plan sewed through their tailor. Minnie says no one can line a dress like her Babes. Babita while wandering infant outside in greenery enclosure calls Minnie who energetically educates about her new companions and feels miserable about Preet. Babita asks her not to feel dismal as Preet will have returned to her soon. Minnie hears child voice and asks where are different infants. Babita says infant is her understudy’s more youthful sibling and she brought him out. Minnie video talks and plays with child. Babita says she is getting late and separates call.

Precap Upcoming Patiala Babes Episode Update: Babita takes child to her region. Amit chides her that she is aaya and ought to have some practical. Hanuman and Minnie hear that.


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