Patiala Babes 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie reads a court docket be aware where HS is said as killing his spouse Imarati. She drops file in a shock. Babita calls her and asks to come for dinner. She keeps papers lower back in document and cries. In police station, HS is going into flashback wherein he spent time with Imarti. Imarti runs and he runs behind her everywhere in the residence. Lajja se mare ye jiya…track…performs in the background. HS holds her hair and she pleads to depart it. He says she tells she will fly like kite, no display her face. She denies. He turns her towards her and looks at her face romantically. Their romantic nok jhok continues. He attempts to kiss her, but leaves her. She holds him and asks if he’s going to kill her. He says he can assure that most effective he can kill her. Out of flashback, Laala brings typewriter. HS asks him to type a letter for him and dictates letter for commissioner that he needs to tell that a courtroom case which changed into quashed through decrease courts is reopened in better courtroom, so he wants to request him to suspend him until court declares final verdict. Laala stops. HS says it is a technique and not anything will appear to him.

Minnie reminiscing phrases written in court note. Mickey calls him and she rejects his call. He calls her lower back and she or he drops cell. Babita asks what fell down. Minnie says not anything. Babita says dinner is ready. Minnie says she is not hungry as she ate plenty throughout pooja. Babita asks her to call HS and check wherein is he, he and Laala left without informing some thing. She is going right down to keep food for HS. Minnie cries silently.

Biji cuts beetle nut even as NB reminisces Babita asking how did Imarati die. Biji says whilst HS sat for pooja, he delivered himself as Minnie’s father, excitedly asks can this occur truly. NB says she lied. Biji asks what.

HS returns home. Babita asks why did he pass with out informing, if there has been any emergency. He does not reply. She says she delivered him meals as he did not have some thing for the reason that afternoon. HS apologizes god for what he’ll do now. He angrily asks Babita that he doesn’t want to have meals and he or she shouldn’t hassle him. Babita says even she didn’t have meals as she became worried for him. HS says she is paying pointless attention on him and have to fear about her and her daughter, she shouldn’t be bothering a stranger guy and must be in her limits. Babita is amazed to pay attention that and walks towards her room pronouncing he is proper, she should be in her limits. Minnie hearing their conversation standing close to steps runs to her mattress. HS picks liquor bottle. Babita notices that and walks to her room. Kaisi teri kabira inside the heritage. Babita cries profusely at the same time as HS sits feeling responsible and Minnie tries to sleep unsuccessfully. HS’ phrases echo in her ears and she remembering HS touching her palms and face wipes them time and again. HS reminisces retaining pregnant Imarati’s hand kissing it.

next morning, HS searches his case file in trunk and doesn’t locate it. Minnie indicates it and asks if he’s looking it, she read it and doesn’t trust it as he can not do anything incorrect, if he loves Imarati then why he is said wrongly. HS asks to give report. She asks to inform first it’s far a lie. HS asks now not to argue. She asks to tell first. He snatches document from her hand. He asks how can he be accountable for Imarati’s demise. Babita hearing that drops pooja thali and walks to HS. She choices file and reads it and sits shattered greater, asks HS if it’s miles true. HS says he is the cause for his spouse’s death, culpable humicide. Minnie confronts and asks why he’s thinking about himself guilty wrongly, cries preserving him. Case papers fly and he picks them lower back and then fixes his and Imarati’s wedding picture on wall. Babita tells Minnie let us go. Minnie says she can now not. Babita says they can not stay right here even for a second. Minnie says she can now not depart her HS uncle by myself. Babita asks even after knowing what he did. Minnie sayus her HS uncle can not do something incorrect.

Precap: Minnie asks Bindu how can she take into account HS wrong even after understanding him so properly. Babita says he doesn’t recognize him after seeing his new form.


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