Patiala Babes 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pooja begins at Babita’s home which everybody goes to aside from HS. Mickey sees Minnie pitiful and says she is ideal, there is not at all like genuine romance, she ought not get crippled. Minnie says she isn’t, some time ago she used to loathe love, yet subsequent to seeing HS and Babita’s power of adoration, she trusts they proceed onward in life soon and live cheerfully. HS requests that her chill. She asks by what method can she, she is trusting HS opens entryway and advise her not to stress, he will wed her mom and give her a caring adoration which she constantly missed throughout everyday life, except life is loaded with perhaps and trusts. HS strolls in and sits in pooja alongside Babita.

Everybody take a gander at him. HS inquires as to whether he won’t perform pooja for him. Pandit applies tilak on his brow and asks what is name and gotra. HS depicts. Pandit asks who is he to Minnie. HS says father. Minnie and her family is flabbergasted and glad to hear that while Kammo and Pammi sit in a stun. Minnie genuinely sits among Babita and HS. HS gives her Imarati’s trunk keys. Minnie gets progressively cheerful.

Minnie and her entire group approach HS and demand him to admit his affection for Babita. HS says he sat in pooja and admitted that he is Minnie’s dad, what else they need. Minnie says he ought to in any event state I cherish you. HS says he can’t babble in English. NB says even she needs to perceive how one proposes, her better half just said qubool hai; HS ought to do this at any rate for his mom. HS says she is giving up him for her diversion. Minnie demands and requests that Mickey tell the best way to propose. Mickey holding rose stoops down before Preet and communicating his adoration asks NB will she wed him.

Bobby says he will demonstrate it and bows down before Minnie. HS says he will do it without anyone else’s help. Minnie requests that he propose in his own style and keeps empowering him. She holds HS’ hand and strolls towards Babita. Babita wlaks towards him holding aarti thali and demonstrates it to him. He acknowledges aarti and apprehensively attempts to talk when entryway ringer rings and mailman hands him over court take note. HS peruses court see with wide open eyes strained and leaves house. Babita asks Minnie for what good reason did he go out, what is in letter. NB asks Laala to proceed to check. Minnie says she feels something isn’t right. NB says HS is thanedar and more likely than not got significant work, so he left, she shouldn’t think much and help her mom.

HS strolls to his police headquarters and sits thinking back court situation where he was expelled from his activity till court case finishes and he is demonstrated blameless, he argues chief that he cherished Imarati a ton and didn’t murder her and official says he trust him however needs to sign suspension orders. Laala strolls to him and asks what occurred. HS says as of now he is strained and not to tense him more. Laala says he never let only him throughout everyday life, by what method can he now. HS gives him court letter, Laala says this court had finished. HS says it is high court call following 8 years and his past won’t extra him so effectively.

Minnie closes entryway, opens trunk and picks record. She peruses HS’ name on it and opens it apprehensively, peruses see that there is a charge that HS is in charge of Imarati’s demise and he killed her.

Precap: Babita inquires as to whether he is fine. HS cautions not to show enthusiasm for more odd man and control herself.


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