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Sukhi brings Babita’s readied chole for Lovely and gestures of recognition her that even in the wake of being separated, she is helping Lovely. Stunning says that is exceptional nature of Babita and shouts at Mita for not getting ready glass cakes for h er. Sukhi says she was lauding Mita at some point back. Exquisite says she didn’t have some other decision when papaji acknowledged Mita and Ashok’s relationship. She inquires as to whether he brought her dress. He says tailor did not fasten it at all yet. She freezes what will she wear for kitty gathering and takes Mita’s dress. Sukhi cautions she is fouling up, yet Lovely gets determined this is best answer for Mita for not helping her. Sukhi supposes she is putting her hands in flame.

Minnie takes selfie with her new companions. Makhan/Mickey strolls to her and inquires as to whether she won’t take selfie with him. Minnie returns saying he told she is boyish girl with no dressing sense.. Mickey says as a result of his insults, she is wearing a lovely dress today and is looking exceptionally excellent, all the credit goes to him. She asks what will he do with selfie with him, her mom won’t care for her to be around any kid and would freeze, she imitates Babita.

Flawless goes to her companion Shayna’s kitty party. Shayna enthusiastically inquires as to whether she brought container cake and seeing chole in tiffin asks reason. Dazzling flaunts that her stove separated and she needs parts from Germany to fix it, so arranged chole this time. Shayna insults her. Stunning insults back that she doesn’t have aayah for her child. Shayna flaunts that her significant other contracted back aayah even after she would not enlist one, he cherishes her a great deal. Stunning insults that her significant other is behind aayah now. Babita enters and apologizes Shayna for arriving behind schedule. Stunning sees Babita and runs out. Babita strolls behind her and says she didn’t have any acquaintance with it is her companion’s home, else she would not have acknowledged tutor work here. Dazzling cries that she can’t see Babita in such a state, they lived such a significant number of years like sisters, her family brought Babita to such a low condition. Babita says she needs to carry out this responsibility for Minnie’s instruction purpose and portrays how delicate Minnie is and how she can respond as a youngster. She proceeds portrays Minnie’s characteristics and says she has gone on her bua Lovely. Kittie party completions and Shanya’s companions leave. Babita strolls in and apologizes. Shayna says she ought not and she didn’t realize she is identified with Lovely, presently she feels Babita would think that its hard to work here. Babita says she wouldn’t fret. Shayna’s significant other Amith returns home and is interested to see kitty party completed so soon. He says let us go to baisakhi mela and asks Babita to go with them to deal with child. Babita asks where is mela. Amith reveals to her territory address.

Hanuman and Laala protects mela. Nayeem bi conflicts with him and unwittingly reviles him. He requests that her quiet down and insults her. Their nok jhok begins. She says she is seeking ring amusement by means of which she can win juicer and other family unit things. At the amusement setting, Kammo and Pammi attempt their karma endeavoring to win juicer and different things for their spouses. Nayeem bi reaches and wins every one of the things. Hanuman sees gola ice and asks Laala to loan him 10 rs. Laala sees his pocket missing. Hanuman chuckles that policeman is pickpocketed. Babita comes to mela with Shayna and Amit and apprehensively stands aside engrasped in thought while child begins crying.

Precap Upcoming Patiala Babes Episode Update: Amith chastens Babita that infant is crying and she is unfit to placate him, what sort of aayah she is. Minnie is entertained to hear Aayah.


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