Patiala Babes 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Minnie asks what happened that she came so swiftly. NB says her grandparents… At NB’s home, Dadaji and Biji feel dismal talking about the ongoing occasions occurred and them being separated from everyone else without youngsters now. Babita and Minnie stroll in and hit an exuberant discussion with them. Minnie gives her own thinking and Babita says she is occupied with her business and new shop, presently even Sukhi isn’t with her to deal with records. Minnie inquires as to whether he can check accounts.

Dadaji concurs and says he had taken care of his business well for a long time before bringing about misfortunes, it’s anything but a simple errand like family unit tasks. Biji says ladies can deal with records better. Their nok jhok begin. Babita asks Minnie to get vegetables from market and requests that her take Biji along to choose new vegetables. Minnie says she can get vegetables alone. Biji grabs sack and says let her go with her, else Minnie will bring stale vegetables. NB makes the most of their dramatization. Ashok demands Khatri to give him a chance to cover up in his office for a couple of days till circumstance settles.

Khatri says he wouldn’t like to be any issue and requests that he leave, else he will call HS. Ashok exits attempting to conceal his face. Minnie with Biji purchases vegetables from road merchant dealing and applauding Biji’s 40 years experience. Biji says its 47 years. She sees Ashok and educates Minnie. Minnie keeps running behind him and requests that NB stop him who does. She at that point asks Ashok for what good reason is he avoiding police and in the event that he at any point did any great job in life that made his folks and her glad. Biji asks what is he doing with his life. Ashok yells it is his life and they need not meddle. He proceeds is egotism and accuses HS that HS is rendering retribution superfluously. Minnie calls HS and advises that his guilty party Ashok Khurana is directly before her and he can come and capture him. He asks Ashok to remain directly there on the off chance that he has any sense of pride left.

Babita while preparing nourishment thinks back Ashok offending her over and over. Minnie returns home thinking back Ashok’s wrongdoings from the earliest starting point till today. She illuminates Babita about getting Ashok captured and inquires as to whether she did well. Babita says getting Ashok captured won’t serve anything great as Ashok will simply finish his sentence and return back to proceed with his wrongdoings and pomposity. HS with Laala enters and says Ashok’s capture will transform him without a doubt. Babita asks Minnie to serve sustenance to them. HS asks what did she plan.

Precap: Babita requests that HS take acknowledge her solicitation and making him guarantee by keeping his hand on aarti light requests to reclaim Ashok’s FIR.


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