Patiala Babes 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Today’s Patiala Babes 11 Mar episode starts with Babita questioning the workers about their act of not working in the factory.

Satnam tells Babita that the workers are on strike and will work only when she will be removed from the job. The workers walk away.

Babita comes to meet Hanuman. She requests Hanuman to extend the uniform delivery for a week.

Hanuman gets angry as he feels that Babita is following her boss’ instructions. Babita says she has come here on her own will.

Babita starts crying and says she did her best in the job. She says that the workers refused to obey her orders just because she is a woman.

Hanuman asks Babita to leave the job as the world works like this only. He tries to motivate Babita by making her encounter with reality.

Hanuman says one needs leadership qualities to succeed in the job be it a man or a woman.

He adds that respect is earned rather than commanded.Hanuman advises Babita not to address herself as a victim but to fight and taste success.

Preet helps Mini in studying for her entrance exam. But Mini fails to focus as she only thinks about Babita.

Preet takes Mini for a gol-gappa treat. Babita comes back home and recalls everything. Preet informs Mini about Babita.

Mini invites Babita over the gol-gappa treat. The three spend a happy time together.

Babita shares her worry with Naeem Bi. Naeem Bi advises Babita to seek help from Hanuman and find a solution to her problem.

Babita comes to Hanuman.

The written update of 11 March 2019 Patiala Bebes episode full story ends.

Upcoming Patiyala Babes episode update: Hanuman asks Babita to follow Chanakya’s rules.


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