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Patiala Babes 19th March 2019 Written Episode update:

state-of-the-art Patiala Babes 19 Mar episode starts with Raano mocking at Babita. She laughs at Babita’s trivial process. Dadaji comes there and praises Babita and her process. Raano receives irked.

Hanuman brings sports device for Mini for her Karate practice. He states that he’ll educate her only whilst she will be able to comply with all his instructions.

Mini concurs to take his help. She tells Hanuman no longer to tell Babita about anything as she wants to give her a wonder.

Babita tells Naeem Bi about how she faced Mita. Naeem Bi praises her. Babita says that she is demanding to inform Mini about all this.

Mini follows her exercising habitual in Hanuman’s presence. Babita comes again to domestic. Mini hides her workout equipment.

Babita questions Mini about her whereabouts. Mini tells Babita that she is searching for a really perfect correspondence direction for her.

Babita feels reluctant to tell Mini whatever about her day at paintings as she felt Mini isn’t listening to her.

Babita stocks her worry about Mini’s strange conduct to Naeem Bi. She blames herself for now not being able to pay right interest to Mini.

Babita chefs Mini’s favored food for dinner. Mini remembers Hanuman’s commands to now not to consume fatty meals. earlier than Mini ought to grasp a bite, Hanuman stops her.

Hanuman asks Mini to devour salad and boiled vegetables for dinner. Mini refuses to eat the meals cooked by using Babita for her.

Babita feels terrible while Mini eats salad. Mini tells Babita that she is doing all this to defeat Preet in a challenge.

The written update of 19 March 2019 Patiala Bebes episode complete story ends.

Precap update: Babita feels bad seeing Mini’s closeness with Hanuman.


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