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Pranati checks the time period. Since these 9 months I have been taking on this conflict to get my little girl’s care. I don’t have a clue whether I will get her care or not. I share a blood connection with her however I despite everything need to battle for my blood. This battle may be troublesome yet Jugnu makes it advantageous. Jugnu takes a gander at Pranati. My mom is crying here too. She takes a gander at Reyansh who harms himself. I wonder if God was truly bustling when I would have been conceived. I need to pick one of them. By what method will my dad handle me when he hasn’t grown up himself? It is smarter to go to prison as opposed to being with this drama mother! Judge inquires as to whether they need to state something under the steady gaze of the court reports its ultimate conclusion.

Pranati holds up. I am an unwed mother. It doesn’t humiliate me however. I am embarrassed about the way that I disregarded my little girl. I dint realize she was alive. I am to be accused at this point I am honest. I guarantee you I will compensate for all that Jugnu has lost. I will give her mom’s adoration, will deal with her and will give her a splendid future. You realize Jugnu’s dad doesn’t need her guardianship yet I need it!

Judge says it was a genuinely basic case however it became convoluted when we made sense of that Jugnu is an ill-conceived youngster. Obviously mother needs the authority while father doesn’t. I need Jugnu’s authority. I need an opportunity to satisfy my obligation as a dad. He grins at Pranati.

Flashback shows Reyansh addressing Pranati she dint experience a fetus removal. What have you done! Pranati says Jugnu is our little girl unintentionally. He calls it refuse yet she criticizes him for his decisions and way of life. You just expertise to utilize individuals! He inquires as to whether she needs him to hold up under the weight of this youngster. Pranati says you needed to know reality. I need her authority and can even go to court for that. He is more than ready to relinquish the kid. We should not go to court. She says bless your heart. Flashback closes.

Pranati and judge ask Reyansh for what reason he out of nowhere needs Jugnu’s authority. Reyansh says I never said I dint need it. Much the same as Pranati dint realize that Jugnu is alive, even I was ignorant of it. It is cheating as I dint know about reception. I have been called names and an alcoholic yet I need my opportunity to compensate for some recent setbacks.

Pranati cries. Her legal counselor asks her for what reason Reyansh had a difference in heart unexpectedly.

Judge asks Jugnu what she truly needs. Who would you like to be with? Jugnu requests samosa stunning everybody. I am tired in the wake of hearing this gibberish. I am ravenous. I haven’t eaten appropriately since 4 days. Everybody is essentially bustling battling! I can’t live with tea and bread rolls. How to pick somebody on a vacant stomach? My mother disregarded me in a halfway house, uninformed of whether I was alive or not. I worked at such a large number of houses in every one of these years. I was beaten and manhandled in 4 houses! She goes to Reyansh. I don’t have the foggiest idea how he will deal with me when he can’t deal with himself. Give him an extra mother on the off chance that you have. He needs it more. I can oversee life all alone. Find me a decent line of work. I can clean the house and will attempt my best. I simply need great food and one great dinner of the day. That would be sufficient. I don’t need love, goals and studies. This isn’t intended for kids like us. I have been beaten a ton. There are scars as well. Maan and Armaan ask Reyansh for what valid reason he needs the young lady. She is glad to go. Pranati asks judge to give her little girl. I will give her all that a child merits. It would be ideal if you give me my little girl. Reyansh reasons that she will show signs of improvement extravagances and offices at my home. Pranati yells however judge advises them to look after dignity. Pranati smoothly clarifies that Jugnu needs something different. He says she

Reyansh calls attention to that she is going to wed somebody in a couple of days. You will have another life, another family! They keep contending. Jugnu requests samosa by and by. Judge declares break.

Pranati can’t quit considering how Reyansh changed out of nowhere. This person is odd. For what reason does he need Jugnu? Maan and Armaan likewise ask Reyansh for what reason he had a difference in heart. Come clean with us. You used to flee from kids.

Archit guarantees her that a mother consistently gets authority of her child.

Reyansh advises something to his siblings (in quiet).

Pranati’s attorney reveals to Pranati that things have changed now that Reyansh is requesting authority as well. Single child rearing isn’t intense for men nowadays.

Reyansh tells his legal advisor (Chabbra) to present this defense solid. We need the young lady!

Pranati’s legal advisor shares that currently even appointed authority is posing inquiries about how you dint realize that a young lady was conceived and given to halfway house.

Chabbra rehashes something very similar before Reyansh.

Pranati’s legal advisor says it is significant that after what the young lady has experienced, she ought to get all that she merits.

Chhabra says our case is solid now however it is critical to realize what the young lady needs.

Pranati’s attorney talks on a similar point. Archit attempts to quiet down Pranati however she chooses to discover what Reyansh really needs.

Chhabra guarantees Reyansh that they will win this case.

A woman advises Jugnu to decide. Both your folks need you. Jugnu says they demonstrate that the seniors commit errors yet the children need to endure its brunt. The woman gives her a confounded look. Jugnu requests another samosa. The woman advises her to pick one of her folks so she can get whatever she needs.

Pranati asks Reyansh for what good reason he needs Jugnu. They think about their past. Reyansh calls Pranati the greatest untruth, the greatest error of his life. I wont rehash it by losing Jugnu. You can make sense of yourself why I had a difference in heart. I wont let you know.

The consultation resumes. Judge asks Jugnu who she needs to be with. Jugnu takes a gander at Reyansh and Pranati individually.

Precap: Reyansh’s dad beats him for challenging for Jugnu’s condition. He requests that his mom talk sense in her dearest grandson now. Dadi inquires as to whether he got Jugnu’s authority. He gestures. She requests that he accompany him. Pranati can’t comprehend what provoked Reyansh to battle for Jugnu’s authority. Archit’s folks attempt to make Archit understand that they will get into a fight against Khurana’s. Pranati demands she can’t relinquish her little girl so without any problem. Chhabra questions Pranati in the court. You both chose to take your adoration to next level and got close! Pranati yells at him. Reyansh is likewise gazing indignantly at Chhabra.


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