Payal Rohatgi's Twitter account suspended, actress accuses Salman Khan

Actress Payal Rohatgi is often discussed due to her statements. But currently Payal is in the news due to his Twitter account. Payal’s Twitter account has been suspended. Payal has done a video on his Instagram in which he has told that his Twitter account has been suspended. Payal is also upset with this. The actress is upset that she has not been given any information about the suspension of Twitter before. Payal has also targeted Salman Khan in his video.

What said in the video:

Payal says in the video, ‘I came to know that Salman Khan’s people have complained against my Twitter account. Suspending my Twitter account like this was wrong. Now I got an email. In which I have been informed that my Twitter account has been suspended ‘.

Appeal to PM:

Payal pleaded with the PM and said, “Shouldn’t we have a platform where we can express my views freely?” Because this is our birthright. The actress said, ‘I don’t know who are behind suspending my Twitter, but whatever is there, they cannot suppress my voice. I will not come back on Twitter unless I am given my own verified Twitter account ‘. While sharing the video, Payal wrote in the caption, ‘I want Twitter to be suspended from India’.

Trend #BringBackPayal

After sharing this video of Payal, #BringBackPayal and #payalrohatgi are trending on Twitter. People are demanding to restore Payal’s Twitter.


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