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Vidhi asks Pushkar why he is asking her Vidhita. I’m Payal. He denies. you are my spouse, Vidhita. I have been searching out her due to the fact that final 2.five months. I loved her so much that I killed her out of love! She asks him to step apart. I instructed you I’m not Vidhita. He tells her to stop cooking testimonies. converting name won’t trade family members. changing your face does now not quite the enmity. I desired to kill you with my own arms however God has been so kind on me. I was given possibilities to accomplish that. he is taking out a pocket knife. She repeats she isn’t Vidhi but Payal. What are you doing? He calls her Vidhi. She picks dirt and pushes it on his face. She falls down from the bridge inside the system. Pushkar is ready to appearance down while the protect comes. Pushkar hides. defend is going in some other path to search for her. Pushkar looks down the bridge. Vidhi is lying wounded and unconscious there. You didn’t allow me kill you over again however i am so happy nowadays which you are ultimately lifeless Vidhita! Payal and Vidhi’s hide-and-are looking for a game is over together with your death! ultimately Pushkar Rathod is free! He looks down at her once more and jumps in pleasure. He leaves.

Pushkar comes home. Vidhi is in the end no more! She has taken away my tensions. I’m simply unhappy that I couldn’t kill you with my personal fingers! All is nicely that ends well. He overhears his mom making preps to welcome Vidhi. It has to look like a residence where a wedding is ready to occur. She instructs the servants to tell the visitors to do away with their footwear outside. Pushkar smiles. she will in no way return. Rajshri thinks of Payal. I sent her with a defend. I will be at peace as soon as she reaches safely. Pushkar steps on the rangoli and is caught by means of a tumbler shard. He screams out in pain. Rajshri and Rangeela rush to his side. Rajshri scolds the servants. Pushkar begins to say that they’ve been laid as though (stops mid-sentence recalling the beyond)! She asks him what he desired to say but he diverts the subject. This pain is not anything before the happiness that Vidhi will deliver with her go back! Rajshri wonders why Vidhi hasn’t reached but. Pushkar thinks she does now not know that he has ended Vidhi’s tale as soon as and for all! She gives to call the doc but Pushkar takes Rangeela’s assist to visit his room. Pushkar thinks this prep won’t be of any use as Vidhi will by no means go back.

Pushkar is drowsing in his room. The lighting is off. a person pulls his blanket away and bandages his wound. it is Vidhi. He thinks it to be his mother and looks up. He sits up and is bowled over to see Vidhi. He seems at his bandaged toes and recalls doing the same with Vidhi in the beyond. He seems around, however, Vidhi has disappeared by using now. Vidhi? Payal? He is going to scrub his face but it is bloodied water. The lights additionally begin flickering. The water turns every day. He closes the faucet. Rangeela and Kabeer are manning the taps from a way. Rangeela is impressed with Kabeer’s idea. Kabeer jokes that it’s far as if Pushkar is seen a few ghosts.

Pushkar wonders what is happening with him.

Rajshri paces worriedly. Vidhi tells her that the entirety goes as in step with their plan. You were proper Ma. Pushkar became shocked while he noticed me. Rajshri talks about Kabeer’s concept. i am certain that Pushkar’s fear will develop with each passing 2nd.

Pushkar grabs maintain of Rangeela’s hand and ask him if he has seen Payal. Rangeela replies that she would be in Delhi together with her family. Pushkar sends him away. She isn’t in Delhi however dead.

Kabeer tells Rajshri their plan was proper. Vidhi finally got rid of Pushkar. Flashback indicates Kabeer and Rajshri making plans to give Pushkar a threat to attack Payal. he’ll go away her when he’s going to see her useless together with his personal eyes. we are able to create a faux story. Kabeer is concerned about Vidhi however Vidhi assures him that Ma is similarly concerned for her. She asks Rajshri her plan. Rajshri tells them that they want to control this plan completely. Vidhi leaves in her automobile observed by means of Pushkar. Rajshri calls and informs Vidhi. Vidhi tells the driver to prevent the auto close to the bridge as though it has damaged down. He has the same opinion. while the auto halts, Vidhi seems at the stone which has a pass mark. Kabeer had told her to leap from that very stone. Vidhi throws dust on Pushkar’s face and jumps down. Kabeer, Rangeela and driver seize her in a net. protect calls out to Vidhi simply then thereby diverting Pushkar’s attention. by the point Pushkar returns to the bridge, Vidhi has lied down at the stone with faux pink colour smeared throughout her head. Flashback ends.

Kabeer says the plan was risky but we have been lucky to now not get stuck. Rajshri says Pushkar has performed many video games with us. it’s time to play the ones very video games with him.

Pushkar returns to his room. His palms are nonetheless crimson. The glass on Vidhi’s portrait is damaged. he is boggled to see it for this reason. Who did this? Did Vidhi? No! Vidhi is lifeless. She fell from this sort of top! I noticed her lifeless frame. handiest I recognise this. Who would be in the back of this? it’s miles a dream! He lies down worriedly.

Next morning, Rajshri tells Rangeela she does now not understand why Vidhi hasn’t come but. Pushkar comes downstairs. Rajshri asks him approximately his wound. He says i am first-rate. Why are you worried? She says i am worried as Vidhi hasn’t reached yet. NGO’s range is unreachable too. Pushkar thinks he changed into proper. Payal becomes Vidhi most effective. Kabeer turned into seeking to divert my interest but I stuck his lie! Rajshri hopes Vidhi is great. He asks her for the variety. i can get the information. She shares the range with him. He is going apart to find a few clues.

Rajshri tells Rangeela that God won’t spare the only who might try and hurt her Vidhi. God constantly does justice with all and sundry! Pushkar is status beneath a chandelier whilst it receives diminished mechanically and hits him around his neck. absolutely everyone rushes to him. Kabeer and Vidhi tie the rope properly. Pushkar recollects the manner he had harm Ashwin in the beyond. Pushkar demands to understand who’s in the back of it but Rajshri says the hook has loosened in all likelihood. i wonder why this is occurring with my son! Rangeela holds Pushkar.

Kabeer asks Vidhi if she noticed his shot. It changed into best. She stands there misplaced. i was thinking about what’s going on. I can not inform you how i’m feeling. it’s miles as though my wounds are recovery seeing the man who has harmed me so much feel the identical quantity of harm. i am able to breathe better. Ma became proper. the law would no longer have been able to punish him this way.

Precap:- Pushkar wakes up and finds himself tied in a carpet. He struggles to be free. who’s it? Vidhi steps ahead. You killed me mercilessly. nowadays, I’m able to do the same to you! He shouts for his mother as she lifts a flower pot high in the air.

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