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Serial begins with Rangeela pronouncing our mad guy Param kills Vinita, gathers her stuff in a carpet and throws it in lake. Kabeer decides to position a distinctive climax. Vinita is locatedthrough a guy in a critical state. H takes her to hospital and is told that she needs to receive a newface. She comes back to lifestyles. Rangeela calls it impractical however Kabeer calls it contemporary day contact A plastic surgical procedure occurs and that girl is given a brand newface. She does no longer don’t forget something so she is to accept a brand new call. Now the hero renames her as Pa. He is going quiet seeing Vidhi there. Pushkar is watching them from far.

She reprimands him for no longer being in his senses. He calls her junior artist and tells her to liveaside. Vidhi pours water over him. Rangeela stands up. I took a bathtub within the morning. He excuses himself.

Kabeer asks Vidhi what this insanity is. She stocks that he changed into speculated to visit that coffin keep along with her however she had to pass there by myself. His whole save has burned down.
Flashback shows Vidhi going to the shop. She asks the owner about the sign up in which he had made entry about the sale. proprietor says I misplaced my store and you’re simply worried aboutthat register! Flashback ends.

Kabeer is taken aback. Vidhi repeats that everything is burnt.

Flashback indicates Pushkar paying a person for putting fire to that shop with a person’s help. I hid the name of the game for all the time. Now i’m able to very soon find out who you each are and what are you up to. Flashback ends.

Vidhi notices Pushkar and reprimands Kabeer for drinking in a residence where a puja is scheduled the next day. She apologizes to Pushkar. he’s drunk proper now however he might be pleasantafter bathing with cold water. She takes Kabeer with him. Pushkar says Payal is dissatisfiedbecause of the fire but why does it bother her a lot.

Vidhi thinks there has been handiest one wish which could have taken her back to her pastit islong past now.

Pushkar says they must have performed their homework earlier than messing with me. You failed miserably! It was so non violent while that save turned into burnt down. they’ll very quicklyrecognise who they’ve messed with!

Rajshri gifts a saree to Vidhi. I want you to put on it the next day. They listen Kabeer calling out to Payal / Vidhi to present her towel. Rajshri smiles and compliments them. You each look so appropriate collectively. Kabeer is a absolutely best man. He peeks out of the washroom and is going lower back internal after seeing them. Rajshri shows Vidhi to rapid the following day untilpuja is entire. She leaves. Kabeer tells her pretend to rapid in front of others and eat within theroom. She refuses to play with Rajshri’s emotions. She has universal me as a part of the circle of relatives.

subsequent morning, each person is seated for puja. Rajshri says all married ladies will pray for Vidhi these days as she had fulfilled her every responsibility as a wife. Vidhi appearsuncomfortable. Pundit ji begins the puja. Kabeer continues holy water in Vidhi’s hand following Pundit ji’s instructions. Rajshri takes Vidhi with her with a view to deliver Akhanda Jyoti for the puja. Pushkar’s smartphone vibrates. he’s startled to look Inspector’s call flashing on his display screen. Inspector Tripathi is calling after so many days. Payal and Kabeer have also met us justnow. Are they interconnected?

Rajshri tells Vidhi approximately their first assembly. She had held onto my shaking hand and gave me courage. We met in a similar way. Our relation became fashioned then bestit would sound weird but you ring a bell in me of my Vidhi. I want you to take this Jyoti your self and completethis puja. Vidhi looks at the Akhand Jyoti and steps again in surprise. I can’t do it. I cannot contactthis pious diya. Rajshri appears at her confused.

Pushkar goes to his room and talks to Inspector Tripathi. Pushkar is stunned to recognise that his mom has requested Inspector to keep Vidhi’s case open.

Vidhi confesses that she has kept the short however she isn’t married. Kabeer isn’t my husband. it is a sham. Please forgive me. We have been jogging from a few goons that day once I had requested in your help. Rajshri makes her sit down down. Vidhi says tells her about Nitin.

Pushkar says you are calling us which means you obtain a few lead. Inspector is of the same opinion. We had despatched indicators about Vidhi’s case in other towns too. We discovered a lead in Delhi that’s why i’m here. They shared that they’d observed a lady in a coffin in a lake across the time whilst Vidhi went missingthree men observed her and took her to medical institution.

Vidhi completes the rest of the tale. Kabeer and i were introduced right here. He isn’t any one to me but he has risked his lifestyles and stored me each single time. every person saw me in a bridal dress and mistook us to be husband and wifei’m truly telling you I realize no one exceptKabeer. I felt some unusual attachment to you and got here here. I kept rapid upon your request. Even Kabeer counseled me in opposition to it however I still kept the short. I tried to tell you so often however I couldn’t accumulate courage. I couldn’t preserve myself back anymore so i’mconfessing everything today.

That lady’s face became disfigured badly by means of a person. She turned into located in subconscious kingdom in a in a coffin and set afloat. It changed into discovered across the equaltime while Vidhi went lacking.

Vidhi says I cannot keep this Jyoti after lying to you or anyone. Please forgive me. I cannot harmyou or Vidhi. I cannot try this puja. Rajshri says until now i used to be thinking you to be like Vidhi but you’re indeed her. you’re similar to her. You can’t harm all people and may dare to acceptyour folly. i was constantly complaining to God for taking Vidhi away from me but he made me meet another Vidhi after she died. all people is propernobody returns empty exceeded from Mata’s temple. Don’t name yourself an orphan. Kabeer is with you. you’re my daughter and i’myour mom from now onwards. They percentage a hug.

Inspector says we did locate some of Vidhi’s belongings with the dead body that we had recovered in jungle but this lady’s top and lots of other details in shape with our case.

Perfect Pati 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Inspector says until now we concept Vidhi is lifeless but this example has elevated our hopes of finding Vidhi. Pushkar deduces that Vidhi is alive.

Perfect Pati 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Perfect Pati 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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