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Rangeela shall we go of the door. Pushkar manages to step outdoors. it’s miles you right? you’re taking revenge from me but I won’t let you be triumphant Vidhita! I’m able to go far from you and this place!

Rangeela informs everybody that Pushkar is useless scared. he’s certain it’s far Vidhi’s ghost who’s searching for revenge from him. Kabeer says we must take our next step now. Rajshri remarks that the following step needs to be very vital. With this, we have to make him be given his crimes. If we devote any mistake here then it will go down the drain.

Pushkar comes downstairs conserving a suitcase and finds his mother crying. She tells Pushkar that there is no news of Vidhi. The wide variety of NGO human beings is coming off too. the desire she is satisfactory. She notices his suitcase. Are you going someplace? we’re so worried about Vidhi and you don’t care? He denies. I am going to Delhi to find out about her simplest. Rajshri stocks that he wants now not cross there. I’ve discovered that this number if Jodhpur’s quantity. i have the address as nicely. permit’s pass and discover approximately it. Rangeela gestures Pushkar in opposition to it. Pushkar advises his mom not to lose hope. maybe Vidhi will come today. he takes the details from her and gives to find extra approximately it. he is taking Rangeela with him. Rajshri tells Bela’s mom it’s time to implement their subsequent step.

Pushkar comes to the area supplied by way of his mom.

Kabeer has equipped a microphone and camera in every room. we are able to scare Pushkar a lot that he’ll confess all his crimes. Rajshri tells Vidhi and Badri to enter from the backdoor. There shouldn’t be any mistake.

Pushkar tells Rangeela it seems there cannot be everybody here. it’s miles deserted. Rangeela suggests investigating as soon as now that they may be here. I find this vicinity haunted. Pushkar insists Vidhi is useless. We must find out who is gambling with Ma’s emotions and what their goal is. Rangeela nods. Pushkar calls out if someone is there. They pay attention to a noise and flip round startled. Pushkar word a paper bag with eyes. He recalls how he had worn a comparable bag over his face within the beyond. He factors it to Rangeela but Rangeela claims he cannot see anyone. His telephone rings and he excuses himself. Vidhi ducks by the time Pushkar turns in her route.

Pushkar appears in some other direction and Vidhi seems again with that paper bag mask. he’s freaked out. She ducks and eliminates it whilst he turns again. He continues searching in one-of-a-kind directions out of fear. who’s it? Vidhi speaks the use of a mike. how will you forget these masks? You used it to cover your identity in the past. you have got hurt many human beings with its help. Vidhi wears the masks once more and steps forward. He demands to know who’s it. He lifts his hand and burning fax falls over his hand (with a rope pulled by way of Vidhi). He thinks of the beyond. Vidhi asks Pushkar how he is feeling after experiencing this ache. you have got harm humans in a comparable way within the beyond. She covers her face with a pink colour and steps forward. He warns her to stay away. She asks for justice. display your actual face and recollect all that you have done to me!

Kabeer and Rajshri are watching the video. Kabeer tells Rajshri they’re in the right direction. Pushkar’s fear will very quickly make him fall in our entice.

Vidhi hides once more and uses the mike. I want to pay attention your every crime out of your mouth these days! He shouts at her to come in front of him. breakthrough once. He starts throwing stuff around randomly.

Rajshri tells Kabeer Pushkar is turning wild. wherein is Payal? Kabeer is certain Payal has hidden somewhere. Pushkar will very quickly confess his crimes.

Vidhi shouts as she gets hurt. Pushkar receives an alert. Ghosts never get harm however I heard a person scream in ache. Vidhi runs. Pushkar heads in her direction.

Kabeer, Rajshri and Rangeela are involved as they can’t see Vidhi or Pushkar anymore.

Pushkar unearths blood stains on the ground. This ghost can get harm and is wounded? It manner Payal / Vidhi is alive! Vidhi is sure Pushkar might have heard her scream. He now is aware of I’m alive. He might have understood that I’m not a ghost. I need to get out of right here!

Rajshri points at the display screen. Pushkar steps again with folded arms. Please forgive me Vidhi. I won’t do it ever once more. inform me what you want. Kabeer and Rangeela fall in his lure and so does Vidhi. Pushkar begs Vidhi no longer to scare him more. I can’t take it anymore. i will do just as you assert. Vidhi picks the mike once more. you know what you need to do! you understand why I’m troubling you. The equal ache that you had given me! He is of the same opinion to conform to her each call for. simply prevent scaring me and go away me on my own. Kabeer is glad that their plan is at the proper path. Rajshri appears dubious.

Vidhi concurs to depart. I won’t trouble you ever again. She wonders why Pushkar isn’t replying and is derived out of her hiding vicinity. Pushkar steps in the back of a few stuff. Vidhi follows him unconsciously. Rangeela and Kabeer get involved for Vidhi. Rajshri is positive something is incorrect. move and take a look at on her. She is probably in the problem. Kabeer and Rangeela go away. Rajshri prays for Vidhi’s well being. Kabeer, Rangeela and Badri don’t find Vidhi everywhere. They spot blood marks on the floor. Kabeer informs Vidhi that their plan has failed. Pushkar has in all likelihood left with Vidhi. They rush out.

A flashback shows Pushkar realising that if Vidhi is actual then Rangeela has lied to him. It approaches he’s on their facet. I have to find out who all is in this plan against me. He also notices the CCTV digicam inside the room. It way there’s a microphone and a camera inside the room. I have to find a book wherein there is no digital camera. He walks to that nook at the same time as pretending to express regret and hides in the back of a cabinet. Vidhi follows him to that location. Pushkar steps ahead all at once and covers her mouth from behind. i found you! Flashback ends.

Pushkar tells Vidhi her gang participants left. you’re with me now. we’ve played sufficient disguise-and-are searching for as a ghost. let’s play conceal-and-are looking for of life and death now.

Precap: Pushkar tells Vidhi one has to die to in reality grow to be a ghost. Vidhi pushes Pushkar. it is real that i am Vidhita Chauhan! i used to be helpless to allow you to hurt me in the first vicinity. I have to have broken your arm the moment you had raised it to harm me in the beyond! you’re an animal! ladies like me ought to continually tackle animals such as you in the first go itself!


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