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Vidhi paces whilst Kabeer is busy consuming. She throws the meals packet away. i’m so dead thinking even as you don’t care about something. He asks her if he have to dance or do something else. children are like Gods. You just ran away! She shares that she went in the front of the children and got afraid questioning what in the event that they hate or mock me. I ran away. He assures her that no person can hate her. They proportion an eye fixed lock. He adds that the fellow who will hate her should have run from Agra intellectual asylum. You appearance average but you’ve got a coronary heart of gold. She keeps looking at him.

Pushkar meets a ward boy and requests him to proportion info of the girl who become observed in coffin. i have been seeking out my daughter considering that remaining 2.five months. Ward boy tells him that it is notes that rely and no longer tears. Pushkar holds out a package deal of notes however does now not give him. I must additionally recognize what about the female. What all do approximately her? Ward boy says the female turned into breathing her last. She coincidentally met a respectable guy who were given her handled right here. Pushkar asks him if the guy came right here on my own. Ward boy denies. His 2 buddies and fiancé used to come here to fulfill him often. That guy dint pass from right here for two months instantly! Pushkar offers him cash and thinks that the fellow must be Kabeer and Payal must be that fiancé the ward boy is regarding. His buddies must also be from Delhi if Kabeer is from Delhi. they have saved Vidhi collectively.
Kabeer receives a text from Dr. Bose along with Pushkar’s image. She has written that an vintage man came to health facility to search for Vidhi. Kabeer and Vidhi study the textual content and photograph in confusion.

Vidhi keeps looking on the image intrigued. Kabeer tells her it’s far only a photograph and no longer some Taj Mahal which she has been watching considering that 2 hours. Did it ring a few bell? She replies that she isn’t feeling either correct or terrible after seeing the photograph. I cannot figure out if he’s my expensive one or a few stranger. He turns the telephone upside down to provide her a new angle to assume upon. She asks him to advocate her. What if this guy also turns out to be like Nitin Rana? Kabeer shows 2 alternatives. One, the vintage man who’s calling himself your father. He holds her hand indicating the second alternative. They proportion some other eye lock. She says it way you aren’t mad. He explains that he dint even shower for many days in a single go while she become in clinic. I dint even circulate from there for 2 months. She agrees to pay off his debts as soon as she reveals a task. She begins to go while her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. They examine every different.

Pushkar is thinking about what the ward boy had informed him. Vidhi was helped by a guy and his fiancé. Kabeer and Payal are also from Delhi. The couple is now married. it’s far no accident that they are right here in Jodhpur. He notices Kabeer and Vidhi staring in every other’s eyes silently. they’re plotting against me in my house! i am so disturbed due to them but they are romancing here! They aren’t aware what they have gotten themselves into.

Kabeer asks Vidhi why she is observing him as though she will be able to devour him. She tells him now not to shaggy dog story. help me. He says I don’t know what God wishes me to do. I need to eliminate you while you are after my lifestyles! She walks away disillusioned. He apologizes to her pronouncing he turned into joking but she closes the door on his face. They bicker cutely. He receives a call from Pari and panics. He disconnects her name and decides to deal with her over chat.

Rangeela asks Bela to invite her mother to are seeking financial assist from Pushkar. I want a few money. Bela says Ma tried oftentimes but Pushkar may be very busy. Rangeela requests her to present him some money from her piggy bank. I want 10 lacs. She asks him what he wants it for. He does no longer inform any information so she refuses to present him any cash.

Pushkar caresses Vidhi’s portrait. you are alive! you are nonetheless breathing! Are you guffawing on me? I might be afraid until the time you’re alive!

Rangeela choices a phone. it’s miles my way to get wealthy! i have learnt a lot by means of spending time with Pushkar. I now realize while to assault my prey. This time i will extract a big quantity from him!

Pushkar says i have understood one component. Payal and Kabeer are for your facet but what do they need? He hits the portrait demanding to realize the answer while his phone beeps with a textual content. it is the blackmailer (Rangeela) again. He needs for money or indicates prison as an alternative. Pushkar calls back at the number. Rangeela seems at the phone because it vibrates. He disconnects the call and locks the smartphone once more in a container. He hides it in his cupboard. Pushkar is within the hall. He notices Kabeer texting and misunderstands that it is him. he’s blackmailing me in my very own residence! I ought to find out if it is just them or Vidhi who is involved in his plan. i’m able to discover if Vidhi is with you or now not and where is she hiding.

Perfect Pati 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Pushkar switches off the lighting fixtures in Vidhi’s room. She begins looking round for candles. Pushkar stealthily enters and begins looking around. He finds Vidhi’s anklet there and is now specific that Vidhi is alive.

Perfect Pati 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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