PhonePe Launches Coronavirus Insurance Policy Offers Rs 50000 Cover At Rs 156

Coronavirus epidemic has led to life-threatening conditions. The occupation of the people has come to a standstill. Income is closed. In such a situation, the biggest crisis is for those who live by their daily wages. The government is constantly trying to treat Corona. The people of the country are following a 21-day lockdown. This is a disease that has not yet been cured.

In such a situation, an insurance policy can work well in times of crisis. In fact, digital payment platform PhonePe has announced to launch an insurance policy on Wednesday for the treatment of coronovirus. Its name is ‘Corona Care’. The premium for this policy is Rs 156 and it provides an insurance cover of Rs 50,000 for a person under 55 years. The cover is applicable to any hospital for treatment of COVID-19.

Apart from this, the policy covers expenses before 30 days of hospitalization and post-care medical treatment. Customers do not need any medical test to buy the policy and this can be done at the customers’ home.

PhonePe said on this that the process would take only two minutes and the policy document would be released to the customers immediately on the app.

So far, a total of 1397 cases of this dangerous virus have been reported in the country. 123 people have been cured of this disease or have been discharged from the hospital and one patient has been sent to another place. A total of 49 foreigners are also suffering from this disease. So far 35 have lost their lives from Corona. The corona virus is now showing its color in the third stage. In the country’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh, two people died on Wednesday due to corona virus infection.

To get or give any information related to Corona, you can call the helpline number + 91-11-23978046. Apart from this, every state has issued its helpline number.


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