Pirates of the Caribbean
What about “Pirates”? (From the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Life (life)”) – Disney Enterprises / Photofest / Getty Images

Deadline reported that Let Reese and Paul Warnick , who were planning to write scripts from the reboot plan of the movie ” Pirates of the Caribbean “, went down.

According to officials of Disney, rice & pole combination has already taken its hand from reboot planning. They are proficient in charge of screenplay of the popular horror comedy ” Zombie Land “, including the movie ” Deadpool ” which depicts Marvell’s fierce hero as a comic . In the future , Netflix movie starring Ryan Reynolds “Six Underground” and “Zombie Land” will be the sequel which will be the first in about 10 years.

In addition, the site reports that Disney internally has a separate opinion towards the next response. An official told that a new screen writer search is underway, but there are also opinions that there is a possibility that the project will enter the store.

Sean Bailey of the Walt Disney Studio movie division said in December last year, “I want to give this stimulation a new stimulus to this series, what they imposed on them” to the Hollywood Reporter There. His wish also did not arrive, and the rewrite project at the writer’s descendant flew over the reef as soon as possible.


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