Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to emphasize the four L’s to prove the resolve of self-reliant India. With these four Ls, he talked about five pillars, with the help of which India will move on the path of self-sufficiency. The Prime Minister described Land, Labor, Liquidity, and Law as major weapons.

No land or manufacturing can be envisaged without land (land). The biggest hurdle in setting up industry in India is land. This problem will be overcome by making land corporation or bank with the help of government land lying idle.


Industry or production cannot be envisaged even without labor (labor). But there are many complications regarding labor law in India. A logical law needs to be enacted for Labor. Only then can investment be easily brought to India.


Liquidity or liquidity is essential for running an industry. In the Corona era, the wheel of the industry, especially MSMEs, has stalled due to lack of cash. The help of cash will not only be given to small entrepreneurs but it is also a matter of giving cash to the account of workers and poor to generate demand.

The law

By law or law, the Prime Minister refers to those laws which create obstacles in development. Those who delay the establishment of industry, who encourage red tape, which discourage industry occupation. Dozens of laws have already been scrapped under the Ease of Doing Business. Major changes will be made in the law to pave the way for self-sufficiency.

Five pillars


An economy that is not incremental growth but quantum growth


An infrastructure that identifies modern India, without infra, no external company will invest in India.

The system

A system that is capable of realizing new century dreams and not on old traditions and which is based on technology


He described demography as a great feature of India.


The cycle of demand and supply in the economy is our strength. India’s population of 1.3 billion makes India the second largest market in the world. This is India’s strength.


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