Pm Narendra Modi Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild Social Media Reactions

PM Narendra Modi Bear Grylls Man vs Wild Reactions: A special episode of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls’ Man vs Wild aired on Discovery Channel at 9 pm on Monday night. In this episode, PM Modi traveled with Bear Grylls to the wooded area of โ€‹โ€‹Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand and told the story of his childhood from his youth to becoming Prime Minister. After watching the Man vs Wild show, there was a flood of memes on Twitter and other social media platforms. People also trolled Bear Grylls and PM Modi.

On Monday, the people of the country saw a different avatar of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who attracted people with his speech and gave a befitting reply to the opposition. PM Modi participated in an environment special episode of the famous show Man vs Wild on Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel. Although the show was shot in February 2019, but it aired on the channel at 9 pm on Monday. In this special episode of Man vs Wild, Prime Minister Modi along with Bear Grylls experienced wild life in Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park. The Indian public had been waiting for this episode of Man vs Wild for many days. However, due to not seeing the adventurous look of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this show, people were very disappointed. People trolled social media on this show of Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and posted funny tweets and posts.

One user tweeted and wrote that Bear Grylls is in favor of building Ram temple. She has also shared an edited photo of Bear Grylls in saffron clothes.

The conversation between PM Modi and Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild is like a dialogue from a Bollywood comedy film!

Probably not the first time Bear Grylls appeared with the insects in the Man vs Wild Show –

Similarly, a user also enjoyed the fun of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for the Man vs Wild Show-

What Arvind Kejriwal is doing in the scene behind the scenes of Man vs Wild!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks ‘one’ with Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls reaction while listening to PM Modi’s story was something like-

He has written that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has chanted his poverty every five minutes in the Man vs Wild Show-

Why did PM Modi do the Man vs Wild Show?

Discovery Channel’s TRP was high during the broadcast of the Man vs Wild show-

Do Bear Grylls understand Hindi?

Arvind Kejriwal has come again-

Last month, when Discovery released the teaser of this episode of Man vs Wild, since then people were anxious that PM Modi’s adventure look will be seen. People felt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would win his heart on this show with some of his astonishing feats. However, nothing special was seen in this show.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed it about his childhood and personal life like other interviews. Along with this, he also spoke about the unprecedented contribution of Indian culture to the preservation of nature and taught the whole world about environmental protection.


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