Amroha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that giving counter-terrorism to the language of their own people harasses some of our people.

PM Modi's big attack, said-India takes action against enemies, so some people start crying
PM Modi (Photo-ANI)

When India kills the enemy on an injury to somebody, then some people come to cry in India. Modi came to Amroha to rally for BJP candidate on Friday. He said that due to this soft attitude of the Congress, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party, only some people have been enthusiastic.

Modi said, “When Pakistan is exposed to the world, then these people start speaking in support of Pakistan.”

The Prime Minister said, “Modi does not weigh the terror with the vote bank, only then the help of terror is locked in jail. If the country has to move ahead then we all have to go together.”

Modi said, “Some people do not like to give answer to the terrorists in their own language. The blasts have stopped for 5 years, because in Delhi you have set up a well-guarded watchman. Now the terrorists know that they make a mistake Modi will find out from them and find punishment.”


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