PM Narendra Modi to Says on Man Vs Wild show - this is my first vacation in 18 years

A special episode of ‘Man vs Wild‘ was aired on Monday on Discovery Channel at 9 pm. The countrymen were eager to see this show because Prime Minister Narendra Modi was going to be seen in this show today. PM Modi spoke many interesting things with the show host Bear Grylls. The episode showed that Bear Grylls arrives in a helicopter to meet PM Modi. Not only this, they also have to walk 4 kilometers on foot.

After waiting for 2 hours, Bare Grylls is very happy to meet PM Modi in Jim Corbett National Park. After this, the Prime Minister tells the host of the show about his struggle for life. He said, “We did not have soap money. We had to use dew drops in winter.” In the show, Narendra Modi tells Bear Grylls that, “I was the Chief Minister of a state for 13 years. After this, the people of the country chose me as the Prime Minister. If it counts in vacation, this is my first vacation in 18 years . “

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During the show, Bear Grylls gives PM Modi a weapon made of knife to protect him. After this, Narendra Modi said, “It is not in my values ​​to commit violence against anyone. Even then for your safety I keep it with me.

Let us tell you that before the telecast of the show, PM Modi tweeted that “what can be better than living in the midst of lush green forests of India and shedding light on environmental protection and climate change.

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