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Love stories on silverware. keep on coming. No matter how many love stories there are, the audience continues to thrive. There is a love story inherent in every film. But the films that revolve around such love story are always the expectations of the audience. Another new love story has come to impress the audience with love pipasi. And let’s see how this film impresses. Bawa (GPS) traps every girl who appears. Love is the original work. Other girls also use the tribe. While this is happening .. Bala (Kapilakshi Malhotra) starts to love him.

Prema Pipasi Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

The girl who was seen till then trapped in love and left after the original thing .. Why love Bala? Why does Bala hit him so badly? What is the past for Bawa-Bala? Why does the girl trap girls? What is the role of Suman in this story? What finally happened? Love is the answer to such interesting questions as Pipasi. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal Full Movie Download

Bawa lost his love and opened the first half with scenes ready to commit suicide. It seems that the first half of the momentum has increased as it slowly takes back. Bawa rasalis, tricks for trapping girls, feeling the eyes of girls during this period. However, these scenes have been shown to be rotated. The first whole seems to be filled with scenes that trap one another, namely Shruti, Komali and Keerthi. Fustaf ends with the entry of Suman and Bala (Sonakshi). At first sight, though, with youthful appealing scenes.

Suman, who is known to be trapping his daughter. But in the first place, the viewer who looks forward to something new will be disappointed. Dalana before Bala’s house, where the story seems to revolve. Seeing not to miss the entertainment, the scenes all go awry. Bala-bawa’s past betrays his friend Karthik in flashbacks. This causes him to commit suicide by trapping the girls. The pre-climax and the lack of such interesting elements in the climax are likely to be minuscule. Secondly as a whole, the audience is impressed.

It is possible that the role of GPS in love pipasi is highlighted. The first film, though, dancing and fights, he did not mind. Emotions, however, appear to be somewhat faded in the scenes. More about Sonakshi later in the film. In the second half, she turned around and got the opportunity to act and screen. Senior actor Suman could not suit his role. His Getup and his character are not impressive. Ravi (Fun Bucket Bhargav), who is the hero of the entire film, is impressed with the comedy. The hero of the flashback is Karthik, as well as the rest of the cast.

The plus point is that the line that Prema Pipasi took to cinema is impressive. How is love during this period? Why Do Girls Love Boys? What’s in love for? It feels good to be stuck in a story. However, the screening process appears to be somewhat faint. The minus is that the scenes in the film repeatedly repeat and the story does not seem to be moving forward. Dialogues are getting better. The director who targeted the Youth as a whole was successful in that regard.

Love is all about music. Anthony sounds good with good mass beats. If you pay extra attention to editing, you may feel better. The cinematographer shows the hero and the heroine with his camera. The production values ​​are down to the cinematic level. For a long time, watching the movie Prema Pipasi .. The film may have the audience doubting the title. But the film seems to be a workout at the Bee and Sea Center. We have to wait and see how commercially successful.

Telugu audiences are getting excited about new stories. Content based films are gaining popularity in this medium. Love is the top source of love. With this, new visionaries are making films with new stories. The film is called Love Pipasi . Through this film, he became a GPS hero. Is the film expected to be a new love story from the first look teaser? A new one for romance films? All you need to know is go to the story.

Myth: He’s mad at girls for the name of Bava (GPS). Whenever the opportunity arises, she wanders with the girl. Such a young child is known to be a child ( Kapilakshi Malhotra ). Love at first sight seems to fall in love with Bala at first sight. Teddi wants to muddle in Me Srema. She becomes a love papa in her worship. But did Kapilakshi Malhotra Bala Bawa accept love for him? .. is this all right? What is his past? If you want to know about the movie.

Starring: This is the first film for GPS, which is the hero of the film, but with good looks, without showing any shades. He tried to prove himself as an actor. He made an impressive effort at the Romantic Convention in the First Half and the emotional scenes in the Second Half. Kapilakshi Malhotra played the role of Paritimera. No glamor has been shown in the glamor gown. Suman played the pivotal role and made his film debut. Verma sonaksi other roles, Jyoti Rajput, Mamata sricaudari, ‘de jodi fame dedicated, Karla Bandagi bigbas Fame, Sanjana Chowdhury, Bhargav, Shaking SESHU, Zabardast Aish, phasak Shashi, to the extent of their roles as the enjoined fun bucket above.

Technicians: The visionary seeks to bring a realistic love story to the screen. However, in the case of Katha and Kathir, people have to be vigilant. Cinematographer Thirumala Rodriguez played an important role in the film’s attempt to make the film a love story, and to make it a reality. The photography is great. Music The songs provided by Ars and the background music are impressive. Focusing on the subject is a plus for the musical. Sivakuran’s editing was unfavorable. The first film was produced by P.S. Ramakrishna was built somewhere without compromise. Structural values.

Analyst: Muraliswamy seeks to bring a realistic love story to the screen. But if people are alert to the story and the story, the fun would be great. The viewer’s attempt to provide a new love story to the audience, though not 100 per cent, was unsuccessful. The film, which has plenty of elements that appeal to the mass audience, is sure to appeal to the class audience.


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